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    Hi Guys,

    I have this code that reads below,

    What is the # used to refer to ? Appreciate any help on this... thanks in advance..

    Re: Dimming Object In Custom Function

    thanks richard!

    i put in N = 50, and i specified the range to just A1:D1, apparently, it does work but changing those ranges beyond the specified N-1 doesnt affect the function values.

    Same goes for specifying N = 5, and then specifying my object to include 100 ranges. Editing those ranges beyond those boundaried by N-1 also doesnt affect.

    Just curious, how can i possibly remove this object in the function, and include an array instead?[hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post;[dl]*[/dl]Dave,

    thanks, so u mean, to fundamentally change the code so that it will loop through the ranges?

    Is this more efficient, since I do have the ranges fixed for that particular V(i)s?

    Re: Dimming Object In Custom Function

    hi richard,

    thanks for changing the topic. so if i select range A1 to A5 as the object, the loop will actually take A1 value first, then go on to A2's value.. Is that correct?

    I specified my N to be 50, but if i select the object with a collection of just 10 ranges e.g. A1:A10, will the loop for i > 10 to N -1 , take values of V to be zero?

    Hi Guys,

    I have a user defined function that goes like below, is v an array? would appreciate if someone can help provide me with a little more detailed explaination on what happens with V in this loop.. many thanks

    Hi Guys,

    Does anyone have a comprehensive / detailed guide on using the Solver which includes many examples?

    Sorry for the brief question.. didnt know where else to find as the website guides are making me dizzy..


    Re: Calculating Averages On Moving Ranges

    Thanks Domenic, Ger

    If you guys would be kind enough to explain how your formula actually works?

    I tried reading on mod ceiling and int but i just cant put them together...

    that will really help in my understanding....


    thanks again ....

    Re: Calculating Averages On Moving Ranges


    I looked at ur formula, it works! thanks...

    Ger, same for yours! - I am totally amused/amazed... it is gonna take me a long time to get whats going on in there... but its good learning!


    One question... If i wanted to get the Average of just the 1st and the 10th, 2nd-11th, 3rd-12th and so on... meaning no more averaging all 10 numbers but just 2 numbers. Still moving back by each day.. can it be done?


    Hi Guys,

    Have a complicated (i think) task here...

    Im trying to calculate moving averages on a window of 10 working days. For a period of 40 days, i will get 4 average figures.

    However, I will need to repeat this process by moving back 1 day for each set of 4 Average figures.

    This means I will have, for a 40 day period, a total of 40 sets of averages but of coz this will require my data set to have 50 sets of daily figures to accomodate for the last set of 4 average figures.

    Then i want to translate these figures into a seperate column, in order of the calculations performed..

    Can a macro be written for this?

    I think im confusing pple.. have attached a spreadsheet...

    Is there a code that can do this?

    Hi Guys,

    Anyone knows a code to deactivate macros in a current workbook?

    I have an auto save on the workbook at a certain time, but after it saves down the workbook goes on to save itself again ... :(

    many thanks

    Re: Sum Based On Category


    I cant design a better way.. each product has two figures. and figures are daily... and i wish to see all details by day which is the top row..

    Dave, Parsnip

    Thanks! :)