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    Jup. I was wondering why in n2 the word exactly stood. I didn't saw it in the popdown list just under the first textfield.
    Later i noticed that there was an extra match field!

    But at this moment, i already found the problem: You was working with FileSearch.Filename = "*.txt". But my documents are all *.doc. In my own code, i allready had *.doc, so thats why it was working with me (with the extra quotes)
    BTW, i didn't REALLY test it, but the results are the same, if i set 'exactly' or not :)
    Tnx andy!
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    Now i want to load this function in its memory every time excel starts. is that possible (like =sum, or =if etc)? Or do i have to run the module, where the function is in, in a excel sheet.
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    I have to cry a little... This is it! Those quatriple quotes!
    I have to say that you code did not work, but i wrote a function, where your code was the basis of:

    But this works. It only find the correct string, like '1111/2222' which is an unique number!
    Thanx man! (it is soooooooo simple after all ;) )


    Hi Andy,

    Thanks for the attached file! At this moment i have EXACTLY the same problem
    B U T:
    It doesn't work quite well for me.
    Because the macro returns a result as well, while there isn't a founded string! I am absolutely sure about that.
    I'd like to use this function from windows:

    Now i would like to find the combination of: "9316/4538" in some *.doc files.
    Windows will return a file which is shown at arrow 2. Your macro does the same. So far so good.
    But the combination "9316/4539" is
    NOT in the document. Via the function as shown above, windows will not return 1 file. BUT your code will do it! Your code will return the same document as shown above. Weird or not?
    Do you know what i do wrong?
    (does this function not accomodate my problem?)

    I see what the problem is/can be. The sign '/' is seen as 'and'.
    What i like to search is the string '1234/5678' EXACTLY. so WITH the '/' sign.
    At this moment, he is searching for 1234, and if it is found, he will search for the next string, 5678 somewhere else in the document.
    Any idea how i can put the search string litterally in .TextOrProperty?
    tnx anyway :)