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    Here is the product list that I wish to be in pulldown menu:
    Valve 1 - 1/2”
    Valve 1 - 3/8”
    Valve 1 - M20 x 1,5
    Valve 1 - M18 x 1,5
    Valve 2 - 1/2”
    Valve 2 - 3/8”
    Valve 2 - M20 x 1,5
    Valve 2 - M18 x 1,5
    Valve 2 - 3/4"

    Here is the pricing (same price for both product 1 and product 2):
    Price 1 - €1.35 [quantity 1-999 units)
    Price 2 - €1.35 - 25% [quantity 1,000-4,999 units)
    Price 3 - €1.35 - 27.5% [quantity 5,000-9,999 units)
    Price 4 - €1.35 - 30% [quantity 10,000+ units)

    this order of cells is not an imperative

    product 1 | quantity | price1 | subtotal

    whatever is the easiest way to accomplish this mathematically

    Your help is greatly appreciated.


    thans for the tips guys.

    here is more specifics:

    cell 1 should contain full product names

    cell 2 next to it should contain quantity that will determine the pricing (appropriate rebate based on quantity)
    price1 if 1-100 units
    price2 if 200-300 units
    etc for 3 price levels

    cell 3 should keep a subtotal for that line

    product 1 | quantity | price1 | subtotal

    as far as the listing of products goes i can easily put it on the worksheet in the same file as there are only about a dozen products. i am more puzzled how to do an IF this quantity THEN this price part of the formula (if that is the appropriate way to go about this).

    the rest I can figure our by taking a sum of vertical lines

    thanks for your help


    Hi guys and gals,

    I need help creating complex invoice that will contain menus with product names and be tied with the specific pricing for appropriate quantities.

    In essence I wold like to open spreadsheet, select a product from a lulldown list, and enter quantity of the item bought and for the formula to get the price for that quantity and total it at the bottom. (there would have to be 4 different tiers of prices).

    I know basic programming but am at a loss how to start on this one. Any help or tips would be gratly appreciated. If there is a specific section in the excel help files that deals with this topic please let me know which one it is so i can look it up.

    Many thanks folks