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    Re: Format To Show Specified Numbers

    Not sure if what you are asking is possible, but here are 2 options I came up with - kind of an ugly way to get there, but it seems to do what you are asking

    opt 1
    Try formatting the cells ####-"000"
    Excel treats the "000" as text appended to the number
    Only catch is you have to type the hyphen if the entry is all 7 digits

    opt 2
    Assuming data is in column A
    Format column B to ####-###
    In column B, set formula as =IF((LEN(A1)>4),A1,A1*1000)

    Hope this helps


    Re: Print Worksheet Based On Criteria

    Try this in the macro for the print button. Add as many if statements as you have sheets.



    I have an ElseIf statement that works for a textBox, but when I used a DTPicker instead of a textbox, doesn't work; it will follow the visible=false statement, but won't become visible again after changing the value back to a visible=true value.

    here is the code I have txtOvernights box

    basically I am using the DTPickers to count the number of overnights in a span date span, but you can manually input overnights into a separate textbox (txtOvernights), then I want the dtpickers to be unseen on the form.

    I read that ms calendars are glitchy, or is there something i am missing in the code?

    Hello All,

    I am trying to create a form with a text box that when text is entered, it adds to the userform another textbox with that data in it. The focus then goes back to the original textbox so that more may be added indefinitely, all with relative position to the most recently added textbox.

    Here is what I have so far, works for one time, but not multiple textboxes. The original textbox is "txtAPID"

    Any suggestinos/corrections would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks in advance.