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    Re: Ongoing Total If Statement

    I was able to get the formula to work using the following:


    However, if I try to input the correct in later rounds, I get a winning percentage > 100%. I dont want to double count the previous wins. Is there a way to revise?

    I would like to have a running percentage calculated in cell P3 for the attached file. Cells C3, E3, G3, I3, K3, M3 show the number of correct picks. Cells D3, F3, H3, J3, L3, N3 multiply the number of correct picks by a given value in row 1. For each round there are a possible 32 points. I would like to use some sort of IF Statement to have a running winning percentage calculated for each round where points are achieved.

    Round 1 - #picks correct / 32 possible points
    Round 2 - # picks correct from Round 1 + # picks correct Round 2 / 64 possible points
    Round 3 - so on until round 6 with total picks correct overall / 192 possible points

    Any ideas on how to structure an IF Statement?

    Thanks, Nester

    Re: Tab Key Spacing

    At first, I thought the file may be corrupt or something. But it happens in both new and old files. weird, man...

    When pressing my Tab key while in an Excel spreadsheet, the button no longer moves one space to the right. It moves 10 if pressed once and 19 if pressed twice. Is there a way to reset the Tab key to move one space to the right?


    I have two numbers I need to compare using and IF statement. The two numbers are virtually the same, and I want the IF statement to round the numbers so any difference under 100,000 is not detected. For example:

    Cell A1 = $32,194,884.45
    Cell B1 = $32,194,884.37

    I would like the statement to look at this number as 32.19 (divided by 1M). I am using the below equation currently, but it is not working:


    I want to compare 3 columns of data across the same row with an IF statement to verify that all 3 numbers match. I would like the IF statement to only look to the first decimal place, rather than the entire number. In the first example, all columns equal. In the second example all columns equal only to the first decimal place. In either case, all 3 numbers would be equal when rounded down to one decimal place. Any suggestions?

    Example 1
    Column A Column B Column C
    84.5 84.5 84.5

    Example 2
    Column A Column B Column C
    84.51 84.53 84.52

    Re: Pivot Table Manual Manipulation

    The file is too large to post. Basically the rows that sum each column do not have the correct amount. I cant manually sum them, bacause it wont let me change that part of the pivot table. Is there a way around this?

    My pivot table is not auto summing each column properly, and I can't manually enter a formula to do so. I tried adjusting the settings of the rows and columns through the pivot table wizard, but no luck. Is there a way around this limitation?

    Thanks, Nester

    Re: Unlock File

    Correct. I have the password. I try to unprotect the workbook, but I get a prompt saying that the file is locked.