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    I code that looks down column E if it matches "L" then it add the "L" to the information in the adjacent cell. Then it takes that and matches it to info in column CR of another sheet. Here is where I need the help. once it finds the match I need it to copy the information that is 4 columns over from column CR but same row and bring it back and paste it on the first sheet 3 columns over but same row from where it got the match criteria.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated =)

    I have a column that has information like 1x25, 12x28, 12x11.5, 112x211. I am trying to get the information left and right of the "x". the code I have below only works correctly if there is 2 numbers left and right of the x with no decimal.
    My vba skills are limited. And any help would be greatly appreciated.

    If UCase(Cells(i, 5).Value) = "C" Then
            variable = Left(Cells(i, 6), InStr(Cells(i, 6), "x") - 1)
            variable2 = Right(Cells(i, 6), InStr(Cells(i, 6), "x") - 1)
            MsgBox (variable)
            MsgBox (variable2)
            Cells(i, 9).Value = (variable2 * 12 * variable * (490 / 1728))
        End If

    I have been looking at Dave's Script found in this post
    It works just like i want it too. But when I try and use it in my workbook with differnt sheet names it doesnt work. I have even tryed to rename the sheets in the example file and it stops working. Can some one help me. My sheets are as follows:

    Sheet1 (JI)
    Sheet2 (GC)
    Sheet3 (ET)
    Sheet4 (SV)
    Sheet5 (JB)
    Sheet6 (P)
    Sheet8 (Info Sheet) <----This is where the Notice to turn on Marcos is
    Sheet9 (D)

    I have the following code in Module2

    And the following code in ThisWorkbook

    Thanks in Advance

    What i need to do is Open a Closed workbook (which i have done in the code below)

    1 . When this book opens there is a msgbox that needs to have "template" pasted in to then ok automatically clicked ( i have no clue if this can even be done)

    2. Then go to Sheet("contactor info") find last row then paste certain info. Below is a peice of code i have from the open workbook but of corse it doesnt work that why i am asking for help. The red is where it hangs up. Thanks in advance for any help.

    Re: Select Certain Cells In The Same Column To Filter

    I tried this but it stops in the first range. I must be doing something wrong then

    How do you select certain ranges in the same column to filter?

    The ranges I need are
    "c36:c50" & "c54:c68" & "c72:c87" & "c91:c155" & "c158:c172" & "c176:c202"

    all filtering for blanks

    I can not filter from c36:c202 because there are blanks in the missing rows and they have to stay.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated =)

    Re: Copy Part Of A Column To Another Column On Differnt Worksheet

    yes it helps it does work...but it doesnt look for the next avaible column starting at row 2 it is looking at row 1 is there a way to change that? ie row 1 has header list from A to S and when it copys over it pasted it at T what i needed was it to post it a C since that is the first empy column starting at row 2...I hope that makes since

    Is there a way with a formula to have a result of one cell pasted in a different cell? ie.

    C1's formula =if(and(isnumber(a1),isnumber(b1)),b1-a1,if(and(isnumber(a1),isblank(b1)),[COLOR="Red"] b1 = d1[/COLOR],"")


    A B C D
    12/18/06 formula above =today()

    if b1 isbalnk it will copy the value of d1 to b1

    I dont know if this can be done i have looked at offset and a few others but it doesnt look like this can be done but want to see if i have over looked domething