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    Re: Move Columns in Pivot Table.. Dec before Jan

    Here is what I have:

    10/1/2009 Apples 10
    1010/15/2009 Peaches 20
    11/1/2009 Apples 30
    12/1/2009 Lemons 40
    1/1/2010 Strawberries 60
    1/15/2010 Watermelons 70

    I group on date and I get Jan,Oct, Dec

    I tried to upload this info in a spreadsheet but the upload fails

    I need to sort Pivot Table data and post to another worksheet with all the details.
    In a pivot table, it only list the catagory once on the first field. When I copy and paste so I can sort on the amount filed, it does not have the details which go with it. I need the reference to follow the amount.

    I am new to Pivot Tables and there is probable an easy way to get the details to fill in each cell not just the heading.

    See attached.

    Re: Highlight Every Other Row

    Not enough information, but this might help.

    Select your range to change the color:
    Go to format:
    Then look for list1 and click it.

    This will assign shades of gray to every other line.

    Otherwise, use AAE suggestion of conditional format depending on what you are wanting.

    Re: Insert Rows Between Names In Alphabetical Order

    Try this. You will have to change the sort area and may want to change the message for I added extra spaces.

    Re: Split Numbers In Single Cell Across Columns

    Great! Almost there.

    I have numerous cells (over 50) to separate in Column(A) and put in column (C)
    The cell to start on is (A1) and move the results to (C1) then get next data cell in (A2) repeat above.

    Skip a line before posting the next results.

    It would help if in Column(B) it had a reference number for each separation. Example all seperations from cell(A1) would be identified as "A1" in Column(B)
    next separation would be "A2".

    This would allow me to use a pivot table on the data.

    Thanks for your help

    Re: Keep The Same Tab Name For Pivot Table

    As you can see from the code, I Recorded the macro by:

    Selecting the pivot table range,
    Placed the fields where I wanted them,
    Formated the chart,
    Filterd out blanks in Print field
    copied to the range to the right and posted values and formats
    deleted the existing pivot table info from the spreadsheet
    leaving me usable data

    But when I look it has added another spreadsheet.

    The attached example is a little different than my first description. This only has 5 columns


    I have a macro which creates the pivot table, copies and pastes the entire pivot table as values and formats in columns "J" thru "R'.

    I then delete columns "A" thru "I" and have values which I can use.

    My problem is the next day I update my data sheet, click on the macro and it creats another spreadsheet.

    I deleted out the previous days sheet but it still identifies the new pivot table worksheet as the next sequincial sheet number.

    I need a way to keep the same name on the new pivot table worksheet.


    I have identification numbers and letters which go on telephone boxes.

    Like CVR 1-2-3-4-R
    DVR 5-6-7-8-9-11-L

    What I need is to find the total number of letters and numbers I need for the job.
    I did a find and replace with a blank which deletes that item and I write the number of deletions down. I continue until nothing is left. I need numbers 0 thru 9, letters A-Z and any other character like "-".

    Above example C=1,D=2,V=3,R=5 etc. My list is in Colulmn "A" and the count can be Column "B"