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    Re: Calculate Approximate Lengths Keeping Waste To A Minimum

    Quote from Dave Hawley

    Not too sure I know what you mean but have you tried Goal Seek and/or Solver?

    (See attachment) In column (B) are my spec requirements. The VB Code for solving is in the VB sheet.
    (F2) is the answer to match(reel footage) and it gives me the answers in column (H) if they are an exact match.

    My problem is the reel footage (F2) and the specs very seldom match so I get nothing in column(H)

    What I would like is to input into (C1) a variance amount which would allow the program to give me results within that variance but not exceed the value in(F2). For example -200 feet in (C1) would give me answers up to my reel footage (F2) but not exceed it.

    Thanks for your suggestion of using Solver. I am trying to learn the mechanics of it now.

    I have numerious reels of fiber optic and the specs tells me the exact footage to be used.

    I would like to have a program add the footages and give me not an exact match but close keeping the extra cable to a minimum.

    For example:

    (A1) is the most I want left on the reel. say 200 feet but a varible.
    (B1-B5) The footages on the spools. Say 1,000, 2,000,3000, 4,000 and 5,000
    (C1-C10) The spec footage. Say 200, 300,400, 1,200, 1,500, 1,500, 1,500, 1,601, 2,400 and 3,500.

    I looked at a accounts receivable program, but it only gives exact matches.


    I have:

    In A1, "Kit A"
    A2, "Kit B"
    A3. "Kit C"

    For the vertical lookup, I have

    In X1, "Kit A" Y1 " (1) bolt, (14) screws, (1 nut)
    x2, "Kit "C" Y2 " (2) handles, (1) Wheel, (1) axle

    I enter the components as they are sent to me in Column "Y". Which are not in numeric order.

    What I want is to be able to do a vertical lookup find the matching unit and then post into the comment box in column "A" the data from column "Y"

    This will allow anyone to see the component detail of unit.

    Thanks for your usual support.

    I have a named range (A1:d50), named "DATA"

    Now I want to expand the "DATA" range to (A1:F75)

    When I click on the named range "DATA" it pulls up the range A1:D50) but I don't know how to expand the range to (A1:F75) without creating a new named range or delete the old "DATA) range and redefining.

    I am entering the ITEM number in column "A". Quantiy is entered in column "B"

    There are repetative items withdrawn each day for the same item.
    Example: Item X12 QTY 10
    ITEM Y22 QTY 7
    ITEM X12 QTY 12

    What I need is to sort on column "A", sub-total column"B" QTY on item change in column "A".

    Then copy only the sub-totals Item and Qty, not the details to Sheet2 Column "A".

    Example: X12 22
    Y22 7

    This will allow me to post the summary (sub-totals) withdrawals only once to the inventory control sheet .

    My pictures are numbered picture1.jpg, picture2.jpg, picture 3.jpg..etc
    in the pictures file under documents.

    My items are in column "A" . What I want to do is asign picture1 to cell A1, Picture2 to "A2" , in the comment section and continue the loop until all have pictures

    I want to post qty from column B to last used cell to the right. Post the current value (10) where total(15) now is and then move one column to the right and create a new total of (25).

    item qty 1-10-08 1-15-08 1-2008 (this is the sum)
    A123 10 5 5 5 *15
    B345 0 0 22 *22
    Loop through to the end of column B. Some rows will not have any activity for current but will have Y-T-D. Totals will be in different Columns.

    Re: Find And Replace Old Data With New Data

    Sheet1 is the master inventory and I am using sheet2 for new activity.

    Sheet2 may only have 20 items in it and not in the same order as sheet1.

    what I hope to do is use a hand barcode scanner for the item number. These are on businss cards produced from Excel.

    Since most quanities withdrawals are less than ten, I would have a single sheet for the most popular WD quanities to point the hand scanner to.

    Re: Find And Replace Old Data With New Data

    Quote from Reafidy

    Thats lovely, how about a question?

    What I want to do is to replace the old data in sheet 1 with the data from sheet2

    Here is a code which almost does what I want but somehow need to replace data in sheet1 column b with data from sheet2.

    I made six macros, then I inserted a row at "A1" and created a box icon for each and assigned the macros. I went to the properties and told them not to print.

    Now I set my print range from "A3: J10" and they still print and show up in the print preview also.

    i have the following code and in cells A2-A27 I have A B C D etc.

    when I run the program the range C and R are not created.

    Re: Email Based On Condition Of Cell Value

    Try this

    This is a modification of Ron DeBruin's program, which will satisfy many email needs.

    A1. First Name
    B1. Last Name
    C1. To: Email Address
    D1. Begin Date
    E1. Present Date
    F1. Formula for Yes to send. Must copy down
    G.1 Sent is inserted if email was sent.
    H1. Date and time sent
    I1. CC Email Address
    J1. Subject line. "Annual Physical"
    J2. First part of Body. "Hi"
    J3. Body:
    J4. Date 31 days from present date.
    J6. Thanks
    J7. From: Name
    To run it must have a "yes"in column "F" and no "Sent" in Column "G"
    Remove the "sent" to run again to test.