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    Here is the code I am using to initialize then calling CopyAndPasteMenu from mouse down event on a text box

    Private Sub UserForm_Initialize()
    On Error GoTo errHandler
    Set copyAndPasteMenu = CommandBars.Add( _
    Name:="Custom", Position:=msoBarPopup, _

    Set xCut = copyAndPasteMenu.Controls.Add
    With xCut
    .FaceId = CommandBars("Standard").Controls("Cut").ID
    .Caption = "Cut"
    End With

    Set xcopy = copyAndPasteMenu.Controls.Add
    With xcopy
    .FaceId = CommandBars("Standard").Controls("Copy").ID
    .Caption = "Copy"
    End With

    Set xpaste = copyAndPasteMenu.Controls.Add
    With xpaste
    .FaceId = CommandBars("Standard").Controls("Paste").ID
    .Caption = "Paste"
    End With

    Exit Sub
    End Sub

    Thanks for quick reply. Cntrl 'C/V' is a good option and works great. I was researching and found Popup Show (if I define Custom Menu). The only problem is that teh example provided with excel vba help (commandbars.add), I have to rename "Copy" to something else to add to custom menu and now it does not copy. I would appreciate I could get help in this feature/