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    Re: Disable User From Adding Sheets

    Hi Bilbo,

    If all you want to do is stop the user from adding a sheet (i.e. changing the structure of the workbook) then simply go to Tools, Protection, Protect Workbook and select Structure and select OK, you have the option of entering a password or leaving this blank.

    If there is something more to what you are asking, please clarify.

    Cheers Gizzmo


    4. I have also copied sheet6 from into my workbook and titled it "LoadScreen". In the sheet is titled "Sheet1"....

    Try this I have replaced "Sheet7" with "LoadScreen"

    Re: Selected Item From The Combo Box

    Quote from alia

    is there any way to get the value for the selected item from the combo box in vba code?

    thanks =)

    alia, could you be more specific.

    where is the combo box, on a spreadsheet or user form?

    what do you want to do with the value?

    if you can elaborate forum users may be able to better answer your question

    this code assumes your combo box is in a user form, and takes the value selected from the combobox and writes it to Cell A1 of the active spreadsheet.

    Hope it helps

    Private Sub ComboBox1_Change()
        Range("A1") = ComboBox1.Value
    End Sub

    Re: Display Date/Time In English

    Hi Jonny,

    Hope this helps.

    Open a new book and add a command button to sheet1 paste code below in sheet1.

    Click the commoand button to show msg box.

    Change the event code or the msg to suite your needs.


    Re: Display Date/Time In English

    Hi jonny,

    I am no expert but would this be ok?

    msgbox Format(Date, "dd/mm/yyyy;@") & ", " & Time

    Or do you need it to display as dd/mmmm/yyy eg 19/February/2006, if so then I am out of suggestions.



    Re: Error -2147417848 (&H80010108): The object invoked has disconnected from its clients.

    Hi zed_raz

    I do not have a solution to your problem, but I have the same error with a similar 'part' of my project code.

    I think I get the, "-2147417848 (&H80010108): The object invoked has disconnected from its clients." error, because the workbook/operating system does not have enough memory!

    The reason I think this is because I took 'all' of my project code and copied it into a new work book which only has seven sheets (without getting into an elaborate explanation these seven sheets are used by my code to create reports and also to add individual HP Lease Registers for specific assets). When I run the same offending code in this work book everything runs fine.

    Does your work book have a large number of sheets?

    My original work book has something like 700 or more!!

    I know it is probably not good practise to have so many spreadsheets but prior to starting my project my understanding was that Excel did not have a limit on the number of sheets that can be added to a work book (It is only restricted by the memory of the application/operating system/computer!!). Also this was only meant to be a tempory measure until the organisation I work for found a third party software to manage this.

    I hope this sheds some light on your particular issue, please let me know.



    PS:Both workbooks are to big to post on the forum

    Re: Search For Cell Value In A Column

    Have you had a look at the link Dave posted, it may help.

    Perhaps you could post the 'correct' code you are using or an example work book. I tried my code and it finds the cell correctly.


    Re: Search For A Cell Value In A Specific Column

    Hi tochybaja

    see attached code hope it helps


    Re: Line Chart With Upper And Lower Limit Values

    Quote from Skeezix


    Hmmmm. Seems like the paperclip doesn't do anything. Otherwise, I'd attach an example like you did.

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