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    Re: Clearing Contents Of Cells

    Hi Nathan,

    In Office 2000 only objects ChartArea and Range apparently can be used with ClearContents.
    I'm wondering why you use Selection, it seems like no use to me.


    The code below is a combination of HLOOKUP and VLOOKUP. Instead of entering the number of the row/column in the range you can enter a value from the upper row or left column.

    When one of the values you search on is not found a zero is returned.

    Copy this code to a VBA module to create this user defined function.

    Re: Append To Text File

    Try somewhat like this :

    For iCount = 1 To Range("RowCounter")

    Re: Copy Data

    You best turn on the macrorecorder the next time you do all the copying. Don't forget to store this macro as a personal macro, this gives you the opportunity to jump from filie to file.

    Re: Determine Values In A Range Are Numeric

    This code should do the job :