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    Re: Data Rotation

    Your routine starts off with two sub statements without an end sub. Which won't work.

    Is your wafer map the only thing on the sheet? That will make "locating" it for the routine much easier.

    Re: Range Comparison Formula

    If you are looking to hightlite E2 when it is not equal to A5 then the conditional formatting formula in E2 should be =NOT(A2=E2). The same formula works in A2 to highlight that when they aren't equal.

    If thats not the case, what do you mean by "compare both for differences"? What cells should be highlited under what circumstances?

    Re: Paste Special Values

    if you put =A1 in a cell, then that cell will contain the formula "=a1". It will show the same as A1, but it's content will be a formula not a value.

    Spreadsheet formulas cannot put a value in another cell. They can only effect the contents of the cell they are in. You requested, "I want to put the value only of A1 (not the formula) in another worksheet. I want to do this via a formula only, not VBA." Excel worksheet formulas do not put; they get.

    Re: Data Rotation

    paste it in your module. Link your button to a routine like

    Sub Button_Click
       ' your code to set the range variable RotateThisRange
       Call Rotate_From_Here(RotateThisRange)
    End Sub

    You will have to write your code to set RotateThisRange to include the legend column (on left) and row( on bottom)

    Re: To Sum Cells Until Preset Value Is Reached


    I was going to suggest that you change the if starttime inequality .. but its already set for that.

    Is your list of times a list =A1+time(0,5,0) kind of structure. I've found that that within 12 hours that kind of incrimenting will cause round off error. Try to add


    at the start of the routine.

    Re: Data Rotation

    It wasn't clear what your input range was so...
    Give Rotate_from_Here the range (including the legend column and row) as its argument.
    It will seperate the left column and bottom row as legend values, rotate the remaining data, adjust the legends and put them in place.

    I hope it helps.

    Re: Placement Of Forms Listbox

    Thanks. Populating the list wasn't my main problem. Where on the screen? is the hard question.
    I like the idea of hiding/unhiding the list. Creating it only once a session makes things easier.

    Re: To Sum Cells Until Preset Value Is Reached

    Quote from spope

    It looks like this function is correctly returning the time value in the row in column A that is in the same row as the final summed number in column K. Is that right?



    If so, then how do I return the value in the next row using xray.value?

    If you want to modify the function to return the number below the one it currently does, change this.

    untilKsums = xRay.Offset(1,0).Value

    Re: To Sum Cells Until Preset Value Is Reached

    OK change these lines

    Set aRay = Range(Range("a7"), aRay) 
    If xRay.Value >= startTime Then RunningSum = RunningSum + Val(xRay.Range("k1").Value)

    What is the function doing that it shouldn't be. or not that it should?
    Oops, just noticed that I left a test line in. remove the MsgBox line.

    Re: Setting Listbox Value Doesn't Set Listbox Value

    Just some quick thoughts.
    Is the Listbox a multi-select. If so, .Value is unreliable. You might try


    Is the Userform loaded when you run the first section of code? That may be why you have trouble getting the right value for myVal.
    Is "Counter 1" already in the list when you run code snipet #2? If not,

    myListbox.AddItem "Counter 1"

    is what you need, not setting .Value

    I've gotten odd responce from the listbox On_Click event. The MouseDown event is similar, but I put most of my routines in the Change event.

    Re: Formula If, But Not...

    Impossible. Your question asked for a formula that will return 10 if 0<a1 and 25 if 0<a1<100. No value can be both 10 and 25.

    I suspect that you got an inequality backwards somewhere. By the way, what do you want it to return if a1=0 and if a1>=100?

    Re: To Sum Cells Until Preset Value Is Reached

    This custom function will return the time (from columnA) that you want. Enter the arguments startTime and targetSum. If targetSum is not reached, it returns #NUM error.

    I have a list of People on one sheet and a list of Shifts on another.
    Some people have Qualifications (CPR, electirician, Non-Violence trained, etc.) and some shifts have Requirements.

    I would like to provide a (non-required) validation list for these entering these values. If the user enters a new requirement or qualification.

    An explicit Validation list is too long. I don't want to use cells to hold a list that Validation can read from.

    So, my current plan is to a Selection_Change event to create/destroy a form ListBox, which will be populated by my VB code. How to place that is presenting some challanges. How to turn the user's multiply selected input into a comma delimited string is the easier of my two main challanges.

    So, my concice question is when the user selects a single cell, how do I create a listbox that is possitioned over that selected cell?

    My non-concice question is: Is there a better way to go about this?


    PS Is there a way to get the thread title out of Title Case? Its anoying that I can't write what I want.

    Re: Run Macro From A Removable Usb Flash Drive

    You could put a workbook on the flash drive, put your macros in that workbook. You'd have to have the workbook open for the macros to work.

    What are you trying to keep secure. Excel is no good for secrets. If security is very important to you, you should probably use a different program.