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    I feel so silly, My spreadsheets are usually really large so I hide and unhide columns all the time. Well I hide Column A on about 6 worksheets and now....I cannot UNHIDE it hehehe. I try, but Excel just highlights the entire worksheet and UNHIDE is no longer an option!
    I hope that someone can stop laughing long enough to help! Thanks!!

    Office 2000 WinXP ID_10_T User.:tumble:

    Hi Guys!! Sorry I took so long to reply, have been just overwhelmed with work (and underwhelmed with ideas)
    I tried both fomulas. Will, I have yours on the spreadsheet now, but I get a #N/A
    error. What does that mean?
    It only appears in the cells that do have matching names, the others show 0.

    Yes the names occur only once in each list.
    I changed your formula to fit my sheet...or thought I example,


    Since my original inquiry, I have added more information in each row so the totals are now in column N on sheet 2(backserver)and I am placing this fomula in columnQ of sheet one(frontserver!).
    Do I have something backwards??

    Thanks for your help, both of you, you are awesome!

    I have 2 spreadsheets that have data re. numerous people. Sometimes these people appear on both sheets. What I would love to do is have a formula that will compare the names and if they are the same, add the totals from each sheet for that person. :wow: Is this even possible?
    The names on both lists can change everyweek, and since they are arranged by SS number, they will not be in the same rows from week to week, so I cannot match them by cell or row, I need excel to match the names (in column A of both sheets) and if/when it finds a match, add the totals for each person (cells in column H of the same rows)
    Is this possible?
    Thank you in advance for any ideas

    I have the SAME problem! Even with filters off, Word keeps skipping over data rows in Excel!
    I am really anxious to see how to fix this, we keep having to do our mail merge, then go back and search for the missed ones and put them in manually!
    What a PAIN
    we use Office 2000 and Win 98