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    Re: Filter & Move Records

    Hi roy thanks for your help on this,

    i thought adding a msg box would be a good idea im using

    but am unsure where to place this please could you shed light, thanks again Ben.

    Hello all.

    Ive seen this question posted everywhere and so far i have seen no working solution.

    I have a spreadsheet and im would like to mail merge it at the click of a button. I am fully aware of how to create a mail merge from word to excel but not from excel to word.

    The main reason for this is user friendliness. I'd rather the user press the button and presto, rather than open word --> make doc --> mail merge --> select fields ...

    I'd be greatfull for a solution

    Thanks B

    Re: Filter & Move Records

    Firstly i would like to so thanks so much for your help,

    Ill just explain what im doing here, and the simple thing here is im testing out new functions for a college project im starting on etc,

    Ive been given loads of sample data and been told to play around with it.

    I have also played around with a form i believe Roy made and applied it to this next spreadsheet.

    I have been looking at your sold function and have tried to apply it to another spreadsheet. In this case instead of moving any sold items im trying to get it to move any orders that are more than 1 year old but if you see from my spreadsheet you will notice it has not worked

    You will notice not all the data is transferred and even the buttons are copied and mess are destored on the main page

    Any ideas on this one guys (and girls)

    Download the sheet from here:

    Hi there,

    I have a spreadsheet with two sheets. One with car sales on and 1 with cars that have been sold on.

    In the sheet that contains cars if a car has been sold i type sold in the price field and move it to the sold sheet. This is done by cut and paste. This is very time consuming as you can imagine.

    Is there a way i can create some sort of if function that when i click a button searches for all records that have the word sold in it and moves it to the correct sheet?

    I'd be appreciative if someone could help.