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    Re: Uable To Share Macro As Add-in Or Template

    I can copy and paste, with the best of 'em.
    this all in VBAProject (PERSONAL.XLS)
    this first bit is in the workbook.
    the second is in the userform folder
    and finally the module

    I seperated each instance with my understanding of what a code tag is.. I hope I did it correctly. Thanks.

    Sub OpenCalendar()
    End Sub

    I am new to VBA. I created a macro in VBA that pops up a calendar with keyboard short cut and places the date in selected cell. It works great on my pc. I can't share the macro with anyone. I saved it as an add-in...installing the add-in did nothing. Then I saved it as a template...the template did not open with any macros associated. both cases, no errors. no message to enable to disable macro.