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    zz8kobefan8zz , how "frustrated" do you those are who are trying to help you???? You still don't seem to have read the rules as you asked how to PM an attachment!

    You seem to believe because YOU are "frustrated" all those trying to help should make you a special case.

    Let me even more blunt as you don't seem to get it. Either stay and abide by the rules to which YOU agreed, or leave. It's that simple.

    Shut up already with your stupid rules....Geesh!!! I'll leave...Waste of my time anyway....

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    Did I say something... :( just can't seem to find the problem....It's fine, I'll have to leave it that way...Thank You guys for your help though!!! :p

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    Still doesn't work...Argg....I don't know what I'm doing wrong....This is a big project for school, and that is the only part that doesn't work....I refered to books and stuff, and I still don't get it to work....Is there a way you can PM me and I can attach the worksheet...Maybe my instructions weren't clear?? :(

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    No need to quit, zz8. Our objective is to have a useful, usefully-searchable forum. The rules are simple, and there are some of the most talented Excel people in the world here to help you. Following the rules is not an exorbitant price to pay for free advice.

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    Thanks...No, I'm not leaving....I'm still here...I was just frustrated...

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    Not knowing where to post and the non-use of code tags tells me you haven't read the rules you agreed to, the auto-email that is sent after registration, or the big bold red text on the page you posted from. I suggest you read the rules and the text on the page you post from BEFORE posting any other posts.

    I'm out...No one seems to be helping....Plus, from the vibe that I got, from this message, I doubt anyone will wanna join...PEACE!

    Sorry, I'm new here...Not sure if I posted this in the right section...But I need help...

    I made a textbox and I need to write an If/Else statement

    Here it is: But It doesn't work...

    If CDBL (txtMaxPayment.Value) > Range("C9") Then
           Range("C9").Font.Color = RGB(0, 0, 0)
           Range("C9").Font.Color = RGB(255, 0, 0)

    This is what I have to do...At the end of each procedure I have to include a check that determines if the Monthly Payment in cell C9 is greater than the Maximum Monthly Payment (the textbox I created)...If so, I have to set the font color to RED in C9....Help plz...I'm going crazyyy....I have to use the syntax, CDBL(txtMaxPayment.Value) to make the Maximum Monthly Payment a numeric value...