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    Re: Create An Autocomplete

    Thanks for the help but I really was not very clear on my question. I omitted that I need to keep the entry in the cells. Currently, column B1 to B500 are all validated permitting only list "CUSTOMER" in each of those cells. I need to search the customer list to enter the proper customer into the cell. The problem I have is that my list of customers is 400 entries and my drop down list takes FOREVER to scroll down to #350.

    Let me try to display it to make it easier to understand.

    A B C D E F
    1 Customer Payout
    2 Al 500
    3 Bob 500
    4 Carol 100
    5 Derek 300

    In column "E" I have the list of my customers, (about 400), in column "F" I have the payout amounts. In Column A, I have drop down lists that appear scrolling me through my customer list. In Column B, the payout automatically enters based on which customer is chosen (vlookup). What I want to try and do is avoid having to scroll through the entire list every time. Is there a way to just type the first letter, say "B" into A1 and the list of all entries beginning with "B". This process is repeated down to cell A500.

    I am not really sure the best way to explain this. I currently have a drop down list of our customers. There are about 400 entries that needs to be accessed about 2 - 5 times per minute. It takes FOREVER to scroll though this list so frequently. I want to create something in Excel similar to the search engine of XP where once I type the first letter, only the entries starting with that letter are displayed. Is this possible?

    Re: Filter Out Rows As They Become Blank

    WOW, you people are quick!

    1. Is this two different workbooks or different worksheets on the same workbook ?
    They are two different workbooks, named Master and Counter. Master is where the changes are made and counter is visual only.
    2. How is the data currently copied across ?
    Simple "if" formula. @if(a1="x","",a1) and this is copied across to column G and down to row 1000. I typically have 500 - 700 entries per day.
    3. You have not filled in your experience level so can you also indicate if you are comfortable with VBA.
    Rookie but a fairly quick learner. I have only used VBA once or twice but no harm in trying if you have a suggestion. Like I said, simple formula in place that can be reproduced if I screw it up.

    A data query sounds interesting, never used it but willing to give it a go. Will it eliminate rows after they have been completed? I had recorded a macro to filter but it is just as easy to filter as it is to run the macro. How would I put the macro into change as suggested by WinTeE? WinTeE, would I put the macro on the master or counter? It is counter that I want filtered.

    I have two spreadsheets. Spreadsheet B reads from the master. No entries are made on spreadsheet B, it is visual only. Changes are made only on the master. I want to create a Macro where all blank lines are filtered out automatically on spreadsheet B, in effect only lines with values are displayed.

    Once a new task is created, the details are typed into the master spreadsheet and spreadsheet B, located in another building, is automatically updated to display the details. Once the task is completed which can be seconds, minutes or hours later, an "x" is placed in column A of the master. I have formulated spreadsheet B is "" all rows where "x" is listed in the master. Towards the end of the day however, I can have 50 visable entries on spreadsheet B spread over 500 rows.

    I want spreadsheet B to display only active tasks from the top of the page down. I currently have those that read the spreadsheet filter out blank rows. Because tasks can be updated at a rate of 10 - 15 per minute with new tasks and the completion of old, I want to eliminate the need for our employees to have to filter themselves.

    Hope I have explained it clearly...any suggestion??