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    Howdy, all.

    Just checking in after a year’s absence. Love the work I am doing (training pastors and future pastors, providing leadership training within congregations), but I am on the road a lot. I have been home for 2 ½ weeks, which is the longest since last year at this time. Still haven’t had a vacation since Aug 07.

    Once in a while I miss Excel.... Then I sit down and it passes. :D

    My dream job (totally unexpected but a 30 year dream) recently became a reality, nothing in anlysis or Excel or... I am now President of our Seminary. My primary responsibilities in the first two years will be developing/providing continuing education for those who are already pastors - with a lot of traveling!

    By the end of this month I will probably use Excel for the last time (little "spare" tome). Thanks for all the experts who endured with me over the years as I struggled to learn Excel and VBA. It has been enjoyable, challenging, and exciting.

    The last seven years allowed me to earn a living using Excel, while maintaining my pastoral mentoring role and my part time teaching. Now, teaching, specifically theological teaching, which has been my life's passion provides me with the opportunity to combine it with earning a living.

    I wish all of you the best in your jobs and with Excel.

    Re: Tues Humor

    I don't know Dave. Since your editing, I can't see all of the original post. And I can't see anything in Jim's post.

    Is that a subtle hint? ;)

    How your computer mouse actually works

    Click this link, it takes about a minute to load and shows how your mouse works. Be sure to have your sound up so you can hear:

    After you see the gray circle loaded, then move your mouse around inside it, then stop the mouse at various places and watch the reactions. Click your mouse.


    Re: Custom data point

    You add a second column to the data source (Column C on Andy's). Put in the value you want (or formula referencing Col. B). Then when it is added to the chart, select that series, and for the format, select No line, and for the point, select the circle, with No fill. Change the size of the circle to suit your needs.

    Re: Custom data point

    Wow, I feel special! I was coming up with a solution, and it was the same as Andy's!!! Who would have ever imagined that??? :)

    Re: Custom data point

    What do you mean by:


    I would like to label a significant event at one of these data points?

    How do you determine which event/data point? Will it be based on values or will it change depending on your needs?

    Re: Cell Colour Depending On Value Entered

    Quote from Kevan

    I must also point out that the code is being used within Excel 2004 for Mac. I know that not all code for windows will work on Mac. The original code i posted works perfectly. That surprised the pants off me!!

    I use this approach on the Mac as well. The key is to program on the Windows side so that it works with XL 97, then for the most part it should work on Mac.

    Re: Copy Formula With Fill Handle

    Glad you have what you want.

    Quote from joseph_r03

    /face palm

    I have done this, as mentioned in post 7

    Actually, when I did it and extended, it worked fine. Guess I'm not catching what you wanted. But as old as I am that is not surprising.