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    Re: VBA Conditional Format Based On Multiple Conditions

    Okay, this will be automatic (I only did 0 through 2).

    Go to the worksheet where you want this. Then right-click on the sheet name and choose "View Code". This will bring up a window in VBE. Paste this into that window.

    Go back to your worksheet and put a number (0, 1, 2) into any cell A1:A10.

    Now, to add more conditions, just copy the Case 2 and the two following lines, and change your RGB numbers to match what you want. If you need white for the Font color, then use RGB (255,255,255)

    Re: VBA Conditional Format Based On Multiple Conditions

    Take a look at this, which is a SELECT CASE approach, and uses RGB for Interior and Font:

    Re: VBA Conditional Format Based On Multiple Conditions

    Instead of the Font, change it to Interior. And if you need to change each then add a coloumn on CFControl to accomodate both Interior and Font numbers.

    As for the colors, you can experiment with the ColorIndex numbers (between 0 and 55) on the CFControl worksheet.

    If that doesn't work, you can use RGB color combinations and change appropriately.

    Re: Convertering All Numbers To Decimal

    Howdy, and welcome to the board.

    Have the person in Excel go to Tools > Options > Edit (tab), and see whether the box is checked for: Fixed Decimals. I suspect it is, and it is set for 3 decimals. Uncheck the box and it should work fine.

    Re: Bar Chart With Marker

    I am taking a look, but also in the middle of a hot project.

    One suggestion as you try also: don't use 3D charts at this stage. Sometimes they can obscure information, and with this kind of specialization of charts, 3D charts just get in the way of getting the chart correct.

    Re: Bar Chart With Marker

    Can you post what you have already done? Then we can work on that. No need for us to reinvent the wheel, so to speak. There are some possible solutions, but it works better to have the example to test it before posting a solution.

    If it is sensitive data, just put in dummy data for illustration.

    Re: Vlookup Process

    The attached has three worksheets.

    Data: has the three columns you mentioned and two dynamic named ranges. "Type" is the one used and this is the reference formula:


    Control: has the alphabetical list of construction types, named range is "TypeList"

    LUP: has the formula

    Cell C4: Construction type to lookup (dropdown, which has validation based on TypeList named range).

    Cell D4: Lookup formula:


    In this case, it looks up the value in C4, then goes to the table "Type" and finds the corresponding value in the second column.


    Re: Vlookup Process

    Howdy. A couple of questions.

    Will there be repeats in the type of construction? If so, what do you want to happen?

    What are the types of construction (which will be used for the dropdown)?

    What is the role of the the Columns number?

    Will there ever be more than three columns?

    Will you be adding to the list of 50+ items?

    (Guess more than a couple of questions) ;)