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    Not sure, but I have found it easier to change the gridline colors, which then highlights the cursor more.

    I tried changing the cell background color (faint yellow, green, even light gray, etc.) and with the cursor remaining white, it was even more noticeable.

    But... I would be interested in a change of cursor color as well.

    If I could find any good behavior to get off... ;) :D

    Secret of so many years? Whatever she says I respond: :bouncing:

    Of course, I have played :guitar: for 42 years, so I can always soothe her that way. :P:spin:

    BTW, we have moved 27 times in those 32 years, too!

    I have been looking for some way to identify formulas, constants,variables, etc. with font colors.

    Aaron Blood mentioned something that he had in an earlier post, but I couldn't find it on his web site.

    Anyone have a macro for that?

    Depends on the Printer. We have several network printers and the ability varies.

    HP 8100 - has three options for watermark (draft, confidential, sample)

    The Canon iR330-400 PCL has eight options plus the ability to edit to produce your own.


    Thanks, Aaron, for the link to your site. I hope to correspond with you in the near future.