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    I have been reading and reading trying to research how to correct my formula and cannot find an answer.

    cell (g9) formula
    =iferror(if(F9>=6,"Good","Needs 10 Units"),"") result is either GOOD or Needs 20 Units .....simple... works... fine
    additional information in
    cell (F9) formula =iferror(vlookup(E9,'16'!$H$6:$I$120,2,False),"")

    BUT I have filters . When select a filter ....F10 has no visible data but the formula in G10 is still working even though the data is not visible and it gives me a "Good" which affects another formula. I want the formula to ignore if (F10) has no visible data(because of the filter) and the result to be blank in G10............F11...F12...F13 etc all have no visble data but still have a result Good

    I hope that makes sense.
    Thank you for your time,

    Re: $10 USA Looking for a VBA Code to print individual sheets

    Quote from GCExcel;790042

    Sorry about that, I misunderstood how you were using the file and filters on columns A and B first...
    Please try this new code and if you get the runtime error 1004, tell me in which conditions you got it.

    I pasted the new code. selected the filters Ohio(A) and Tri county(B) for the same example and nothing happens?
    I rebooted my computer and printer thinking maybe something is affecting it. still nothing happens when i run the code?

    Re: $10 USA Looking for a VBA Code to print individual sheets

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    Payment received.... Thanks!
    Here's the code...
    Let me know if you have any questions.

    I am having a problem with the code. Help Please.

    When I select filter on State...then filter on Distributor....and run the code . It still tries to print the entire file (filtered and unfiltered items)
    Example: I select Ohio...then Tri County and run the code

    it prints 38 pages

    • 1st page

    Michigan...Great Lakes Distributing by sales person...

    • Midway of the 38 pages

    Michigan ...Griffin Distributing

    • Sheet 38 was

    Ohio..... Superior Beverage Glenwillow

    Also had a runtime error 1004

    Thank you for your help,

    I am new to this.

    I am looking for a VBA code for my file so that I can click on a print button and the code would first select from a filter a sales person and then print. It would go back and then select the next sales person and print.

    • So I will be saving each file by State and by Wholesaler but want the code to then print each sales person on a separate sheet.

    I have selected the print area on my page setup and the constant rows I always want to print.
    I hope that makes sense

    I have already paid ozgrid 10% via paypal.
    Thank you,