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    Re: Chart In A Macro

    Actually i am working on a analysis project and the file would not be present initially.. its only after 5-6 steps of analysis that the required data is generated (It involves many worksheet to be created and deleted). So it is not possible to record a macro for myself.. So can you help me now?

    I have lots of data located in 2 coulumns of a worksheet named "Result" at C6:C1000 and D6:D1000. I want to create a scatter plot in new worksheet named "Chart" using a macro. How can i do it?? Please also provide comments in the macro.

    I have made a macro to import the a excel file into a new file after truncating few initial rows
    Here is the code for it:

    But i want to generalize this macro for every input file. In that case my starting row will not be the same as it is in this case (33 here). I want to ask the user for the starting row and then use it in this code to copy the data. What change can be made in this macro??

    Re: Log Function In A Macro

    Thanks for the reply.
    But this will not help me.

    I am actually making a bigger macro which includes taking LOG of the values. As i am still a begginer with VB can you help me with exact code for taking input from A2:A200 and output at B2:B200

    I have a lots of number arranged in a column. I want to take log of each number (on the base 2) and show the result in the adjacent column. I want this to be in a macro and the results to be displayed all at a time (I dont want to drag the cursor down to get log values for number corresponding to each row).

    HI.. can anyone tell me how can i count the number of filled rows and columns (containing both characters and numbers) in a worksheet through a macro??. Please do not tell the individual functions like count or CountA.

    I have a excel of about 5000 rows and 80 columns. Each row corresponds to a particular set of experiment. I want to reduce the number of rows by removing useless experimnets like controls etc. I want to search the row for some key words(ex. control) and if it present then remove it. It should prompt user to enter the keyword and the original file should not be disturbed. It can be copied to 2nd worksheet. Is such a code possible??

    I have been working on a macro

    But it is showing error with ".Close False" line. When i remove this line the original file from which i am copying is not getting closed. What can i add in the macro to do it