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    Every month we input data into their perspective sheets. Every month the sheets can have a varying amount of entries (Rows). All the sheets are formated identically. We would like to gather all of these entries and put them into a master sheet. Is there a simple vba code that runs when excel opens up, that can populate this master sheet. The only real criteria is that the master sheet can detect deleted entries. Maybe a simple clear the master sheet before importing of the data from the sheets.

    Even better would be something that populates the master sheet as data gets inputed.

    Any help on this matter will be greatly appreciated.

    I found this code for adding data to headers and it works good. My problem is that the data I want to add to the headers is in another sheet. Is there a way to modify this code.

    1. Currently I have an excel sheet with macros that open other workbooks.
    2. I select the macro to open a saved workbook. lets call it "apples"
    3. I want to modify "apples" footers.

    The data to insert in the header is located in my original workbook with the macros in a sheet called names.

    Here is the code I would like to modify:

    My data looks like this:

    Mindy Moore
    Mace Kook
    Cow Moon

    These names are in Column A.
    I want to split the first and last name into Column A and Column B of my spreadsheet. I Usually copy row 1 to a txt file then import with "space" as my delimiter. I basically want an automated method of doing this. Any help be greatly appreciated.

    Re: Ensure Input Box Has Data

    Thanks for the quick reply. That kinda works but if somebody hits OK 2 times it will run, which causes my code to lock up.
    Mike's Code works like a CHAMP. Thanks for all your help!

    I am using this inputbox

    Everything works good, but now I would like to add some code that will check the input is not NULL before running.

    Re: Search For Text From Input Box

    I guessed I messed up. When I was making my example for you to see I atached your code into the sample worksheet and it ran like a champ. I was previously running your code from my personal.xls which gives me errors.


    Re: Search For Text From Input Box

    Thanks for the Quick reply. I tried to run your code but I get an object required error.

    It highlights this area:

    r.EntireRow.Cut _ 
                Destination:=Sheet2.Cells(Rows.Count, 1).End(xlUp).Offset(1)

    I am looking for a way to search for text with an input search box. Then when each instance of the word/s is found I want to extract the whole row and dump it to a new sheet. The word/s that I will search for will not be in any specific row or column but scattered around on the sheet.
    Any ideas how I can get this started will be greatly appreciated. I have been playing with input boxes but have no idea how to use the data that is inputted to it. I was thinking this was my first step.

    This code works great when the cells match, but now I am trying to get it to delete the row if the cells do not match. I replaced = to <> but it does not work.
    Any Ideas how i can modify?