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    Re: Round Up To Nearest 45 Or 95

    Looks damn good to me. It's sad how close I was to getting that same formula. Thanks everyone.

    EDIT: Sorry. Krish's worked. I'll still check out the one you gave me shg.

    Re: Round Up To Nearest 45 Or 95

    I don't get what you're saying shg... those were just examples of what i need the numbers to round to, all multiplying aside.

    The problem with that code Jim is that it isn't just one code. It is multiple codes, and i'm not sure if rounddown is the best way to do it...

    Is there a way to work an OR statement into : =ROUNDUP((C2*1.25),-2)-5

    Re: Round Up To Nearest 45 Or 95

    Yea i'm still seeing the wrong numbers with these. It should only be coming up with numbers that end in 45 or 95.
    11 would be 45
    32 would be 45

    46 would be 95
    1865 would be 1895

    and so forth.

    Re: Round Up To Nearest 45 Or 95

    That doesn't seem to be working. It just rounds it to the nearest multiple of ten. I think i'm a little further along now though. This will round to 95 everytime...
    Now I just need to find out how to add the round to 45 in there.

    Hello. First post here. I trying to make a formula that will multiply a cell by 1.43 and then round the total up to the nearest 45 or 95 with no decimal points. Any help would be greatly appreciated.