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    Hi all,

    Is it possible to code that if all 5 tick boxes are ticked then an event occurs?

    I.e the user ticks the 5 tick boxes and userform 1 appears?

    Thanks in adavance!!


    I have a vb form which populates a row in excel and then the user clicks another button which populates a word document using find and replace (I have put certain text in the document i.e. "date1" which corresponds to one of the cells in the row)

    This was working until someone asked me if they did not enter the info is it possible that the entry is left blank. i.e the word doc has "date1" text and needs to to be replaced with something (currently) but how can I do so that if the cell is blank it will find and replace "date1" with blank(meaning a blank space)

    Thanks in advance


    I have a loads of folders with different account names on my c:\ drive.

    What I want to do is put in part of the name rather than al ofl i.e. Manchester United, would just put in Manchester

    I have seen the * used but was not sure how this works

    Re: opening a folder from worksheet


    Thanks for that but (always a but :)) his works for when I have the whole name of the folder i.e. alcan inc.

    Is it possible that I enter say alcan and it opens the alcan inc folder?

    Thanks in advance

    Morning all,

    Is it possible to have a text box and a macro button that when a user enters a name of a folder (or part of the name) on say the c:\ drive it takes you there?

    Example being i have a folder called Alcan Inc on my c:\ drive, so i type in the text box alcan and click the macro. it then opens a windows explorer screen with the folder open.

    Any ideas would be great!

    Hi all,

    I have a bunch of worksheets and was wondering how I can have a drop down list of them all that are linked.

    I.e. go to drop down list and select the sheet i want an dit takes me there.

    Is there a quicker way than doing this manually using hyperlinks?

    Ladies and gentlemen; good morning.

    Is it possible to select a number of cells that are say yellow when blank but once someone type "N" or "No", they change to blue and if "Y" or "Yes" they change to green.

    I tried conditional formatting but it does not change the blank range to yellow until I have entered something into it.

    Does anyone know how to code this VBA?

    Thank in advance

    Good weekend to you all,

    Basically I want a button that once pressed generate a message box that says a persons name. There are 3 names, so the message box should show name 1 1st and then when pressed again show name 2 and you guessed it then name 3!

    If anyone could let me know how to do this or have teh code that would be great

    Morning guys,

    Quite embarrassed to not know the answer to this one but here goes.

    Im trying to link to "lonp1/USER/Financial/UT/Trackers/FL.xls"

    But it keeps changing to "../USER/Financial/UT/Trackers/FL.xls" and therefore the link is invalid.

    I have tried to put "file:\\" in front of this to stop this but it keep reverting back. I have searched high and low for the answer but iam now getting desperate!

    Any help would be appreciated

    Re: VB script to copy values to word

    Hey Gollem,

    So now I can copy/paste and open a new document.

    How about if I wanted to copy to a specific place in a document, i like the idea of overwriing a pre created doc but how do i get the value in the right place? i.e. a1 should be on, line one of the word document after the word number???

    Am i barking up the wrong tree here