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    Hi People,

    I am currently working with a stopwatch function (using a form)

    At present the function i have created has two command buttons, one start and one stop which gives the date and time from clicking each button (one in a1 the other b1)

    What i want it to do is not overwrite the information each time but just go to the next line (a2 and b2 etc etc), how do i do that?



    Code currently is

    Private Sub CommandButton1_Click()
    Range("A1").Value = Date
    Range("A2").Value = Time
    End Sub

    Private Sub CommandButton2_Click()
    Range("b1").Value = Date
    Range("b2").Value = Time
    End Sub

    Hi Derk,

    If you have had enough of my stupid questions then let me know and I will give up.

    Im trying to do a time sheet, similar to the scoring one but I cant do the same as before.

    As you can see from the attachment the user clicks on button it adds 1 to next sheet and then should add to the specifc date in the last sheet but i just cant do it!!!

    Can you have a look?

    thanks very much for that.

    Im just trying to learn the ropes of vb.

    Might try a time sheet, if I was to have say an activity page with buttons you would click which by clicking adds one to a second sheet and a third sheet the date, would it be very similar.

    I have not been able to create the generic code for the second button. the line i do not understand is

    s = ActiveSheet.Buttons(Application.Caller).Caption

    or if you can how do you modify the code for the next team???


    They are located along a row B6 to F6 so a week at a time on sheet 2.

    I would like each team down the side

    So basically click a button(button is team name) which puts 1 in b2 (b1 being a teams name). Then on sheet 2 the date it was scored is added to that team row

    Is there anyway of sending this to you???!??!?!

    cheers for that,

    if i was for example adding up goals scored on a particular day then how would i section them by day.

    So i click a button that puts one in B2 and then as it was the 21st May 2004 puts one in another tab (sheet 2) under the 21st May 2004

    Next day another goal was scored so its the 22nd, I click the button so B2 =2 and the other tab now shows 1 goal on the 22nd!!!!??????????:o Any takers for this one???:yes:

    Hi All,

    Very simple for you guys, want a macro button where each time you click on it, it adds one to a cell say b2.

    Eg click button b2=1, click button b2=2 etc etc

    thanks for the reply Dave,

    I have looked into this already and my instinct is to have a message box that appears, do you know of a simple code to do this,

    I have the attachment if that helps;;)

    Hi There,

    I have setup a spreadsheet where if a set of numbers is duplicated in a cell, the next cell says duplicate (using an IF Statement).

    What I want is that when the set of number is duplicated, the cell next to it still says duplicate and then a message box appear saying Warining Duplicate!

    I cant work out how to do to message box part.

    Any help would be great!!

    Thanks steve


    This is my current code,

    the active sheet I want to copy then save as 1 then when macro button click it calls it two is called "New Sheet Steve"

    How do I input the code?????!?!?!?!?!

    ' savings Macro
    ' Macro recorded 17/03/2004 by shorton
    Application.DisplayAlerts = False
    ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs Filename:="R:\COMMON\Oracle\Flexfield Update Form\Local accounts\local.xls", FileFormat:=xlNormal, _
    Password:="", WriteResPassword:="", ReadOnlyRecommended:=False, _

    End Sub

    Thanks so so much, it will make my day if this gets sorted!! Cheers again

    thanks for that, but how can i save the new sheet each time with a different say number ie. you click the macro and it saves the worksheet as 1 then when you click it again it saves it as 2 etc etc

    If anyone can help I will be so so so grateful!!:yes:


    I want to try and set up a system where I can log say a problem with a unique identifier and then be able to look back on it again and again until the problem is solved. Basically in a perfect word let a user be able to see a status of the problem along with a unique number for there reference.

    If this does not make sense let me know!!



    Hi All,

    Im a new user on the forum and I am also a new user of VBA.

    I am interested in learning more and wanted to see if this lotus notes code could be modified to allow for you to:

    1) Predefine who the email is sent to
    2) Assign the active sheet to be the attachment.

    Basically automating the process more??

    If anyone can help that would be great.

    I can send attachments of what im trying to do if that helps