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    Re: Sum Values For One Column According To The Values In Another Column?

    I just wanted to quickly add that the problem I have with the SUMIF function is that I have way too many values in columnA and that makes it difficult for me to individually specify the criteria. Is there anyway Excel can automatically sum up the values in column B for all recurrring instances in column A? I noticed i some previous responses that a Pivot table can be used. I have never heard of it or used it before. So please help!!


    I need to add all the data in columns B for all instances of a value occuring in column A
    For eg

    ColumnA Column B

    Apple 4
    Apple 5
    Orange 3
    Orange 5
    Mango 2
    Lemon 1
    Lemon 9

    I want the final result to look like this

    ColumnA Column B

    Apple 9
    Orange 8
    Mango 2
    Lemon 10

    Please help!