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    I have 12 workbooks, and in each workbook there are five sheets of data (say sheets called alpha, bravo, charlie e.t.c), all data in sheets have common column titles. Is there a fast way of collating all this into 5 sheets in a single workbook? i.e listing all Alpha data on a single sheet, all bravo data on a single sheet ...etc etc.

    Thanks in advance


    Mornin' all,

    I would like to combine data from workbooks 'Alpha' and 'Bravo' into a new Workbook 'Charlie'.

    Alpha contains data which is say 'name' 'height' and 'weight', and Bravo contains 'name' 'age' and 'sex'.

    I would like to look at Bravo, then compare 'name' against Alpha, then if a match, copy all data from both workbooks to a sheet in Charlie. if there is no match then report an error or such like.

    I guess alternatively I could copy and paste relevant sheets from Alpha and Bravo into Charlie and then do the combine on a new sheet??

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    Many thanks for the swift reply, so fast!!

    One important point I forgot to mention within this duplicate removal, is that some of the data e.g col 4 contains type of dog, in this case say dalmation, now if I wanted to remove all the duplicates except those that contained dalmations that are in this data base, would i then have to start cut and pasting and sorting again.

    I'd really like to get a macro running as I've got a few of these databases to go through, tried a macro on microsoft knowledge base, and although its great for searching for duplicates in one column, its driving me MeNtAl trying to get it to look at 3 columns, then disregard if comes across a a stated value in a forth column...

    ....or disregard on basis of forth column first, then if ok look at other 3 columns, then search and remove duplicates....however you want to look at it!

    many thanks for warm welcome


    Hi all,

    Currently using an excel spreadsheet to display a load of data, want to be able to remove any duplicates within this data, however can't find a way to do this based on checking across a number of different values from different columns (4 at most).

    example saw an example a while back about dogs and cats so will try and use that.....

    Imagine col 1 is DOB, col 2 is name, col 3 is colour, plus other columns with various other info....

    I would like to remove all duplications from whole spreadsheet (1000+ entries/rows)(22 columns) by checking first against the DOB, then against the name, then against the colour, basically three checks before removing...

    Anyone have a means of doing this???

    Thanks In advance