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    I am looking for a syntax or function wherin i can replace all lines in different cells containing specific string or text in it.

    e.g. Few cells in sheet contains " This guy is for deployment", other few cells may contain "guy is for core deployment" and other cells may have " project is specific deployment". I want to replace all such lines which contain a word "deployment" with ony one word "Deployment"..... Any clue???


    Re: Copy Found Cells To Another Worksheet

    Thanks but vlookup does not give me flexibility. basically the list in master will grow day by day and need a maro which will run a sort of for loop for all the entities in resource column and then find corresponding field in work sheet.



    I am looking for a visual basic script (macro) wherin I can copy fields from one sheet based on condition to main sheet.

    Sample sheet is enclosed as sample.xls. Here is what I intend to do:

    two tabs are there in sheet. master and work.

    Need to check in "work" tab sheet if x name exists and if yes then copy three cells namely Input, Direct/.Indirect and code and paste all three cells in master sheet in front of X name wherever x name appears in resource name column.... Ultimately work sheet will be searched for all names which are in Master Tab and three field will be filled accordingly. Finally all the resources in resource Column will have three addditional field in mster sheet taken from work sheet.