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    Re: 2003 Code Stops In 2007

    No, it is my understanding that any code that uses Application.FileSearch will not work in Excel 2007. I don't use Excel 2007, so this doesn't concern me, and I therefore have no solution for you. However, there are plenty of people who do use Excel 2007 and I'm sure that they have figured out ways to get around this. If you search the forum for "FileSearch in Excel 2007", you should be able to find said work-arounds.

    Re: Count Unique Entries Within Variable Date Range

    Your DCount formula in G10 yields 29 (which is the number of unique entries in your list). Why do you have a note stating that the result should be 11? I don't understand. If you change your criteria to look at 1/7/2008 only, your formula gives 13, which also seems to be correct, i.e. there are 28 entries, but only 13 of them are unique. What am I missing here?
    EDIT: Ok, now I see what I'm missing. The formula works, but only when 1/7/08 is the start date. Let me look at this at little more.[hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post;[dl]*[/dl]My solution is rather ugly so hopefully someone else will come along with something better. Until then, this method will work. Based on the data in your sheet 1, I made the following assumptions:

    • Your dates are in Column A and are sorted in ascending order.
    • Your start date is G1
    • Your end date is H1
    • Your unique count is based on ID.

    Create a range named "rng" [bfn]=OFFSET($A$1,MATCH($G$1,$A:$A,0)-1,4,MATCH($H$1,$A:$A,1)-MATCH($G$1,$A:$A,0)+1,1)[/bfn]
    Then use this formula to get your unique count:

    Re: Iterative Calculation

    Quote from amain

    Hello, I need to perform an iterative calculation that will continue until the value is below a certain number.

    Only way I know is with UDF. Something like:

    Re: Re-Enable VBA Code Protection

    Quote from Techhie_Tim

    turtle44: The code does not have a digital signature. Would that affect anything in this case?

    It shouldn't, but I have had problems before when someone using Excel 2000 worked with files that I had saved in Excel 2003. The problem only occurred, however, when I had my code digitally signed. Once I removed digital signature, everything was fine. My code is always protected, so I don't understand why you are having a problem with compatibility.

    Re: Loop Through Cell Comments

    Andy, I think I like SpecialCells better than my method, but you would need to test that comments existed or your code will cause error. Something like this perhaps:

    Re: Add Incrementing Letter To The End Of Each Cell In A Highlighted Range

    Here is a slightly longer solution that allows for more than 26 cells.