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    I've got a rather large spread sheet that has multiple users for same items. I've got the all the users listed in one column with the items listed in the next column. There is no difference in the items and they are simply duplicate information for the user listing. I orginally thought this was fine so I could filter the list by the user catagory and have each user's own item listing. Now that the list is so large and the item duplication is a pain, I want to list the items only once and somehow retain all the users for the item. Currently, for each entry I am copying and pasting the original data tand changing the user name. (I know, I know). "need a little help"

    Right you are Phil. I needed to collate the pages as they are in the workbook. Glad to see the interest in my post. The next step is to find a way to have the print set up to be applied to all the grouped pages in each workbook at once. Printing out the same paper size works, Thanks to you guys. The problem is, when I send these grouped work sheets to the copier to be printed duplex, the formats only seem to apply to the first sheet. I still haven't got the thing to print duplex. "need a little help"

    Hey Phil, thanks for the reply. Sorry I didn't make myself very clear. What I have is several sheets in a workbook. Each sheet's print paper size needs to be changed from A4 to 11 x 17. I'm using this code to accomplish this change.
    Dim ws As Worksheet
    For Each ws In Worksheets
    ws.PageSetup.PaperSize = xlPaper11x17
    But, (there's always a but) when I go to print out these sheet (all grouped together), the printer does not recgonize the print settings for all the sheets, just the first one. Since there are several sheets, I want to print them together at one time and duplex them. Since the print settings are only applied to the first sheet, end up with 2 times the paper. I am printing to a network copier. Hope this is clearer. "Need a little help"

    I need to select all the sheets in a workbook and print out all of them at the same time. I can get the macro to work in one book, but when I switch to another book, the defalut size to print is A4 and not what I set it at in the original macro (which is 11 x 17) "Need a little help"

    Hey, I can't believe how quickly you answered this! I put this into my macro with the following results. (1) It worked great-on (2) sheets. What do I need to add to get it to unprotect all the sheets? (2) How can I get this to run together with the other macro?:)

    I am trying to make changes to several excel sheets at the same time. I have a macro that will unprotect a sheet and make all the changes required and then print out the results. Is there a way to unprotect a set of sheets that are grouped together? I need to change about 2400 sheets real quick!

    I would like to have the sheet tab name put into another sheet, say in cell A1. I have a large file which I want to summarize the names of the sheets into one sheet. And, I need the information from the sheets summarized into the same sheet. So, if sheet 1 is named Cost, then the name and the amount is listed in the summary sheet. Thanks for your help. And, by the way, this is the BEST forum I have found for this kind of information. Great Job Guys!:)

    Thank you Maqbool for your response. I'm sorry I did not make my question very clear. I tried to reformat the imported data as you suggested, but I still have the same problem. Let me try to restate the question. When exporting a report from Access into Excel. the information is viewed in Excel in outline form. The drawing name will appear in the first column (a), which is Fine. then the drawing number will appear in the next column (B), but the information is in a row below the drawing name (row 2) and not in (row 1). How can I get the information for the same drawing to be listed on the same row? This may be a problem with how the Access report is set up?

    If it sounds like a newbie question, it's because it is. So, have some pity please.

    I need to export a report from Access into Excel and I don't know anything about VBA or writting code. Everytime I export the report into Excel, it is in an outline form, which is not easy for me to work with. I would rather it come in as a datasheet view. I have a lot of information that needs to be put into an actual / budget report in Excel and all the information is stored in Access. Any suggestions?