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    Re: Jd Edwards Julian Date Conversion

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    Julian dates are normally 5 digits; what is the 6th digit used by Jd Edwards?

    Not in my experience, all of the Julian dates I have come into contact with have been 6-7 digits long. The 6th digit in Julian Date represents the century value.[hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post;[dl]*[/dl]


    Both of your formulas work like a charm for the JD Edwards Julian Date: 105210 = 7/29/2005. Thank you for your help, this is much easier than the way I was trying to do the conversion!

    Re: Lock Unlock Cells Based On Format

    Hey thanks for the input guys, I will try these out and see how they work with what we are trying to accomplish![hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post;[dl]*[/dl]

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    Of course, you will need to add code to protect/unprotect the workbook in order for the cell protection to matter.

    Right, this is another problem that I am running in to. Should I ask this in another thread or can I continue to ask in this one?

    Is anyone here familiar with how to convert the JD Edwards Julian date format into standard Gregorian date, and can it be done using VBA?

    Please note that the JD Edwards Julian date is different than the standard Julian Date and uses 6 digits instead of 7.

    I am looking for a way using VBA to lock and unlock multiple cells based on cell formatting (ex. to only allow edits to cells with a green border). Is it possible to write a macro that will accomplish this on command (not when the workbook is opened)?