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    Re: VBA loop through array but skipping blank cells

    Thanks for the suggestion NoSparks, but I cant rely on the cells remaining empty. There will be multiple (30+) versions of this workbook, so if a user puts something in an empty cell, intentional or not, the data will be unreliable.

    I have a single column array I'm spinning through to retrieve data, but I have to skip every 4th cell, which is empty. There is the possibility that a user could put a note or something in those cells, so I cant absolutely count on them always being empty. Is there a more elegant way to skip these cells than what I have below?

    For x = 1 To y  
            If (x Mod 4) = 0 Then
                GoTo SkipSpace
            End If
            ' Get cell data...

    Thanks for any ideas!

    Hi All,
    Ive searched the forum but cant seem to find specifically what I'm looking for. I need to count the number of unique values within a range and also return that unique value with its total count. I would not know in advance what the values are.


    Desired results:
    aaa 3
    bbb 1
    ccc 5

    I cant visualize what type of code would accomplish this. Can this be done with a modified sumproduct formula, or does it need to be inserted as a VBA function?
    Thanks in advance.

    Re: Loop Down Column & Across Rows

    I need to obtain data from multiple cells that are related.
    For example, say column A are peoples names.
    Across the rows next to them are the cars they own, which varies depending upon the owner.
    I need to retrieve a persons name and then go thru each car they own, 1 by 1.
    So start point 1 is the first name, start point 2 is cell B2, the first car. I figure if I do a COUNTA on the start2 range in each row, I can use that variable in the macro since that number will vary.

    Re: Loop Down Column & Across Rows

    Thanks for the reply, but I dont think this is what I'm looking for, as I think I need 2 ranges. The 'start' range represents column A row 1, which will work downwards. A second range would need to begin in column B, row 1 and work across until reaching a blank cell, then the first range would go to cell A 2, etc.

    Re: Vb Loop Within A Loop

    I guess that could be done also, but the issue I'm having is how to create a second loop that runs through each column that contains data as it spins downward.
    Hope I am making sense.

    I need to create a loop within a loop. First loop works fine as follows:

    At the 'start' point, first loop works downward through rows. Second loop would work across columns in each row within the first loop. I will have to use a variable for 'y' (the across value) b/c the number of cells containing data can vary between 3 & 9, but I have a COUNTA in each row setup to use as the variable.

    So spreadsheet data would look like this with A being the 'start' cell:
    A 1 2 3
    B 1 2 3 4 5 6
    C 1 2 3 4

    I need to pickoff A1, A2, A3, B1, etc, picking up every sub-category on the sheet.
    Thanks in advance!