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    Re: VLOOKUP Exchange Rate from 12 different Workbooks Depending Upon Month Column

    Not ideal. a couple of options (NOT great options, but options)
    1) a REALLY REALLY HORRIBLE choose function or bunch of if functions. This should theoretically work, but just thinking about it makes me throw up a little
    2) 12 hidden columns - each hidden column pulls in the exchange rate for 1 month, and then you can use a formulae to pick the value in the appropriate column to display in the visible column
    3) VBA - a UDF could accomplish this without too much difficultly, are macros "allowable" at your company?

    Really the best solution is (as Windy58 said) to consolidate the workbooks.

    If any of the above 3 sound appropriate, post back and I can give more help on the specific one

    Re: Printing Excel Reports via a Word Document

    ummmm yeah.
    1) "print my excel reports through word document" - Don't know what this means.
    2) "I don't know how to use VBA" - Well, that could be a problem. I am 99% confident that yes this (whatever it actually is) could be done with "some macros in VBA", but basically you are asking someone to completely write a project for you with the vaguest of descriptions. I'm not saying no-one here WILL, but I certainly won't.

    Re: mousewheel Scrolling in userform

    Yes, works flawlessly in 2007 32 bit and 2010 32 bit, on windows 7 32 bit, window7 64 bit and windows 8.1 64 bit. I'm 99%+ sure that the issue is with 64 bit office and 80%+ that it relates to the formMouseProc definition, most likely in the MouseHookStruct Type parameter.

    If you want to use the above in 32 bit office, it should work fine, just pass the userform in question to the wheelhook function, and remember to unhook when done. The actual functionality is done by sending a pgdown/pgup key request to the form

    Re: VBA identifying row by more than one criteria

    Firstly you should not need to actually activate ANY sheets.
    where you code such as

            With Range("A:A") 
                Set LastCell = .Cells(.Cells.Count) 
            End With 
            Set FoundCell = Range("A:A").Find(what:=NINO, after:=LastCell) 

    Do NOT activate the sheet, instead prefex the range command with the sheet such as

    With Sheets("Master").Range("A:A") 
                Set LastCell = .Cells(.Cells.Count) 
            End With 
            Set FoundCell = Sheets("Master").Range("A:A").Find(what:=NINO, after:=LastCell)

    Re: Tab into Listbox

    Firstly, Domenic's solution is MUCH better.

    However the error in mine is that you have not declared cLast. You need a line at the top of the module

    private cLast as range

    Re: Regex expression to retrieve data from HTML

    Hmmmmm, just added a

    set ie= new internetexplorer

    line and yeah, infinite loop. On my PC (and probably yours) the problem is the invisible ie object spams an invisible "Welcome to internet explorer" popup, which PREVENTS the conditions on your do line being true until the invisible popup is dealt with.

    Thanks Microsoft, real helpful.

    instead of accessing the html via ie object you may need to access it via xmlhttprequest object.

    Re: Subtract x Hours from Cell that Has both date and time

    If it is ACTUALLY a time (unlikely) then just =a1-time(3,0,0) works.
    If it is just text, then you need to convert it into a date time, subtract 3 hours and convert back, kinda like:
    =TEXT((DATEVALUE(MID(A1,SEARCH("z",SUBSTITUTE(M73," ","z",2))+1,SEARCH("z",SUBSTITUTE(M73," ","z",3))-(SEARCH("z",SUBSTITUTE(M73," ","z",2))+1))&"/"&MID(A1,5,3)&"/"&MID(A1,SEARCH("z",SUBSTITUTE(M73," ","z",3))+1,4))+TIMEVALUE(MID(A1,SEARCH("z",SUBSTITUTE(M73," ","z",3))+6,10))-TIME(3,0,0)),"ddd mmm mm yyyy h:mm AM/PM")