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    Re: Center UserForm On Screen On Show

    Thanks for the swift response.

    There lies my problem - it doesn't work for me. Could you try the attached xls - just click the "Print" button - if it works for you I'll have to conclude it's because I have 2 monitors.

    Thanks again


    I'm having trouble centering my UserForms on the screen. I have tried all the options on the StartUpPosition in the Properties windows and the closest I can get is vertically centered but on the far left. The annoying thing is that it was working (both vertically and horizontally centered) but when I changed the defaults of the option buttons they moved to the position I described. I have two monitors (but excel is maximised on one monitor only) could this have something to do with my problem? If so why did it work before? (I have searched the forums for a solution but couldn't find anyone with the same problem...)

    My thanks for any suggestions,


    Re: Hide Blank Rows

    Because I already knew how to do that but I didn't realise that it would work for my purposes. Sicarii kindly showed me that it would.

    Re: Hiding Rows Depending On Data Type

    You're a star, that works perfectly.

    I've recorded a macro so I can assign it to a button to make it easier for other people to use.

    Thanks so much,


    Re: Hiding Rows Depending On Data Type

    I don't exactly understand your question so I'll try to explain better.

    The data sheet of the attached xls is where i input most of my data. The final sheet is how I want it to look when I print it (I have removed some data).

    I want to hide the cells which are blank - A6:A14 (and their entire row) but since they are not empty (they contain formulas) I'm not sure how to do this. I found that the isnontext provided a solution as it returns a false for the blank cells and true for the cells with the dates I want to keep.


    How do I go about writing VBA code to do the following:

    1. Select a particular range of cells in column A
    2. If one of these cells (in column A) returns a FALSE response to the Excel IsNonText formula to hide its entire row.

    The circumstance is a little difficult to explain but let me know if you need clarification and I'll do my best.

    Thanks very much for your help,