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    Re: Sort With Formulas

    Is there a better way to carry out this task?

    My intention using this formula was not to sort the data but to rank it.

    My data:
    a b c d e f g h
    Bob Ted Alice Jay Fran Jack Average "Dept Priority"

    every line item (1,2,3,...) refers to a specific project
    Columns A-F list the comittee members personal ranking of the project
    Column G is there average rank using the formula below
    Column H is meant to rank based on the averages
    =COUNT($G$6:$G$80)-(RANK(G6,$G$6:$G$80)+ COUNTIF(G6:$G$6,G80)-1)+1

    Then, I sort the data in ascending order.

    I have a list in rows where I have a ranking formula


    When I sort the rank, ascending. All of the unique numbers sort ascending, but the non-unique numbers sort descending

    ex) 1.75 1
    2.5 2
    3.75 3
    4 18
    4 17
    4 16

    how do I sort the entire list in ascending order?