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    I recently noticed that when recording a macro the "Stop Recording" box no longer appears on the spreadsheet.

    Does anyone know where it hides?

    Also is there a quick method to restore excel to its "factory" settings?

    After experimenting, it often takes me a while to restore everything back to what it looked like before I started messing with it.

    Thanks Smiley

    After many years of using excel I just didn't know that....Thanks again

    I guess it's the "old ,microsoft rule" when in doubt right click!!

    Thanks Blue

    Actually it was High and needed to be set to Medium for the choise to be offered.

    I would like to know how it got High all of a sudden and for no apparent reason.

    Every excel file that contains a macro is opening without asking the enable/disable macro question.

    The result is macros are disabled and I can't figure out how to enable them.

    Everything has been working fine for years, this thing just started happening.

    Yes PJ KARAFFA I do realize that this deviates from the original question, it was as stated just a bit of extra info.

    Your formula is also very creative and very usefull, I'll add it to my goodie box.

    Mine was meant to be a quick way to visit any row (of many unsorted rows) and quickly know a count of occurances.

    In addition to eliminating the duplicates you may at some time wish to tally the number of duplicates, like how many times does NY or CA or 3 or 1 show up.

    =COUNTIF(A:A,INDEX(A1,1,1)) in B1 produces:

    A1 B1
    1 3
    2 2
    2 2
    1 3
    1 3

    Just a quick way to total up the duplicates.