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    I have a userform where I have 2 comboboxes. The first combobox shows the the first column (only 1 of each) and the second comboBox shows me the secondary list that correlates to the valuse in the first from column B. Now I have a text box that I am trying to get the value from column C depending on what I have in the first 2 comboboxes. What is the easiest way to do it? This is all in VB since it is a UserForm, and using Vlookup seems to be too many lines if I go that route. Is there a way to use Index and Match in VB where it would be more efficient? I attached just a sample of how the data would be layed out in the Excel sheet.

    Thanks for your help!

    Re: delete leading comma

    Well if there is a leading comma in ever cell, you could just use the formula:


    This is assuming the cell starts in A1. Just populate it down.

    Re: IF(AND...vlookup Function

    I am not sure I understand what you are trying to accomplish. In your formula, it appears you are trying to use VLookup as a logic function via or = to the same number you used in your VLOOKUP. ie:


    If you could post a sample of what your trying to accomplish, maybe it would be more clear.

    Re: SUMIF, multiple criteria, what did I do wrong

    This should work for you. just copy into the formula bar for G11, and press Ctrl+Shift+Enter. (This is an array formula, so if you don't do that it won't work.

    I assumed that there will be nothing in cells C except a date. Hope this helps.


    Re: round function

    Here is what I changed, the verification of the formula. Changed to this, and it seems to work, played 4 rounds of 10 and worked fine.


    verifie = (N1 + N2) * N3


    verifie = Round((N1 + N2) * N3, 1)

    Re: Making an exception formula?

    Hey Latin,

    I am not sure all of the different aspects of what you are looking for in your formula, but I assumed that you are putting a %in your commission, so I used


    Re: Data Validation drop downs missing

    Thanks for the reply Dave. I am using Excel 2003. I have made sure theat Panes were not frozen, but it did not fix the issue. I have never seen this before. I even tried to create a validation list in a new cell on the same sheet, and it didn't work. It's almost like all validation is turned off for this sheet or something, but other sheets in the same workbook, works fine. Any help is very appreciated.

    Hey guys!
    I have a workbook with many worksheets. Each worksheet has validation lists in some of the cells, with the arrow that pops up when the cell has focus. I have run into a wierd problem where the validation is not working, even though I went in verified that it is set up correctly. I have also tried creating a new one, and while it is set up right, it still does not work. I click on cell, and nothing happens. But I have other sheets in the workbook that are working fine and have the same set up. Is there some kind of setting that turns off validation in a sheet?


    Re: Check if File is open already

    I have figured out my problem. I didn't declare the path properly:
    This code now works for me.

    Thanks everyone for your help! A great learning experience.

    Re: Check if File is open already

    Well, this code is not working either. It works properly, but it always shows it as not open. Again it seems to not even check because it returns th emessage box instantly. Here is the code I am using:

    And with this in my module:

    Any thoughts?

    Re: Check if File is open already

    Thanks a ton Will. I am getting an error that Highlights the strBook in brackets on this line:

    If IsFileLocked(strBook) Then

    It give the error:ByRef argiment type mismatch.

    Any thoughts?

    Thanks again for your help!


    Nevermind, just noticed it needs to be in " ". Will let you know how it works!

    Re: Check if File is open already

    Thanks for the link!

    Here is the code I am trying,

    Now when I have this in my module, how do I call it into my code in my workbook?

    Re: Check if File is open already

    I think the problem is that this code is looking to see if it is open on my computer, I need to see if someone else has the file open. Right now, If I run the Workbook which is on the server, if someone is in it, it gives me a read-only prompt. But if I open it using code, it does not give the prompt, just opens it as read-only automatically. I need it to check the file and if Somebody has it open, then it will prompt to try later, and if it is available, then it will open it. Hope that makes sense.

    Re: Check if File is open already

    Now basically once I know this works, I will have it open the file if it is not open by anyone else, and if it is then it will give the msgbox, then end.