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    Hi there Ouki!!

    I am going to assume that the cells you want to stay below "1" are in the same column. The easiest way to do it, is to do a conditional format.

    formula is: =$B1>1

    then make your format with a pattern of red. Then all you have to do is use your format painter to copy the format to the rest of the cells in that column.

    Hope this helps

    I just checked another computer that is also running W2K with Excel 2k, and its seems to work fine on his. I changed the resolution to 800 by 600, and 640 by 480 and it zoomed properly, so the code does work in Excel 2k. Of course I learned that at 640 by 480 i have the zoom set too high and the text on the controls distort a lot at that resolution.

    Hey Derk!

    Yes, I changed his resolution to 800 by 600 and ran it. Came out the same size as it did at 1024 by 768.

    The wierd thing is his computer looks like the corresponding resolution, it just seems that Excel is viewing at 800 by 600 resolution but does not change the actual system resolution. Could it possibly be a Excel virus?

    I appreciate your feedbacks. Here's what I ended up doing:

    Private Sub UserForm_initialize()
    If DisplayVideoResolution = "1024 x 768" Then GoTo Res1:

    Call initialize
    GoTo addins:

    With Application
    Top = .Top
    Left = .Left
    Height = .Height
    Width = .Width
    End With

    Call Addin

    End Sub

    Sub Initialize()
    CH = AdTrack.Calendar1.Height
    CW = AdTrack.Calendar1.Width

    If DisplayVideoResolution = "800 x 600" Then GoTo Res2:
    If DisplayVideoResolution = "640 x 480" Then GoTo Res3:
    GoTo Theend:

    Zoom = 80
    AdTrack.Zoom = Zoom
    AdTrack.Calendar1.Width = (CW * 0.8)
    AdTrack.Calendar1.Height = (CH * 0.8)
    GoTo Theend:


    Zoom = 50
    AdTrack.Zoom = Zoom
    AdTrack.Calendar1.Width = (CW * 0.5)
    AdTrack.Calendar1.Height = (CH * 0.5)
    GoTo Theend:

    End Sub

    A little rough, but it worked. I had to zoom the Calendar separatly because it would not zoom with the subform. I changed resolutions on my system to get the right zoom %.
    Tried it on the other guys computer, and it did not work, but may be because he has an excel bug or something. His system says he is at 1024 x 768 so it will not zoom, and his monitor is the same as mine. I think he may have a bug or something, because it works on everyone elses computers.
    Oh well, thanks for your suggestions.

    The Userform. Basically I have the Userform so it is full screen, 1024 by 768 resolution. When I open it on hi computer it's as if it is displaying it at 800 by 600. I checked his resolution on his computer and it is 1024 by 768.
    When I use the zoom command, it zooms out the backround, but the controls are still big and bleed off the screen.

    I appreciate your reply, but that only decreases the size of the window, but keeps the User form the same size, instead of zooming out the controls to fit the window. I hope that that makes sense. Basically its acting as if the computer is at a lower resolution (like 800 x 600) but its only doing it in Excel.
    His Windows is at the same resolution as mine, just the Excel User form looks much larger, and shrinking the window keeps the controls at the same size, so more of the userform gets cut off.

    I have a Userform that opens up when the user opens the workbook. everything looks fine on my computer and a few others, but one computer seems to zoom in so it cuts off alot of the userform. I checked the resolution on that computer and its same as mine.
    I have the userform auto maximize upon opening, but get the same problem. And it is only on this one computer. Any ideas would be much appreciated. (he is using 2000)


    Nevermind, I figured out what I did wrong, I didn't replace :

    With ActiveSheet.Buttons(1)

    to: With ActiveSheet.Commandbutton1

    Works Great. Is there a way for it to update when you scroll the page down via the mous scroll or the page scrollbar?

    Thanks a million

    Thanks for your reply Derk!!

    I put the code in, but im getting a runtime error 1004.
    "Unable to get the button property of the worksheet class."

    I put it under the view code of the sheet.
    I appreciate the help, Im a noob.:biggrin:

    I have a command button in a sheet that routes the user back to the userform. The sheet is 3 pages long, is there a way to make the command button float, and always be in the top left corner of the viewable area? (This is so the user doesn't have to scroll back to the top of the page to click the button)

    Any help would be much appreciated!!