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    I have read the other postings that deal with copying/pasting Excel charts into Word documents and they have brought me almost to the point I need to be at.

    I am trying to copy a chart and paste it into a Word document at a specific place. I use a find-replace to bring cell values from Excel into Word. I don't think I can find text and replace it with a chart, but that is essentially what I want to do. I am not very familiar with all of the capabilities of Word.

    Does anyone know of a good way to do this and could you provide a sample macro?

    I am looking for a list of textbooks to use in an Excel class that teaches the following topics:

    Ø Excel with Visual Basic and Excel add-ins

    Ø Use Array formula to program applications

    Ø Effectively send calculated information in Excel workbooks to word documents, other than using mail merger

    Ø Method to load information from website to Excel workbook automatically

    Ø Ways to use Excel as a calculation engine on a website (website get input information from users, then send the information to an Excel workbook in the background, after the Excel calculates the results, the website displays the calculated information back to the website for users.)

    Ø Any other special techniques and any hot topics

    Any help is appreciated

    I have a workbook that others use that I have protected all of the sheets and hidden some sheets. People get very frustrated if they can't see where something is coming from. I use a lot of named ranges (or cells) to make the formulas easier to understand, but if one of these is on a hidden sheet, when you click on the drop down of all of the named ranges in the workbook, it doesn't go anywhere. I could unhide all of the sheets, but I need them all protected. The auditing functions are very useful in finding out where the result of a cell gets used. With protected sheets, you can't use this feature.

    When a table is made using a Make-Table query, the resulting table does not keep the field formats of the original fields. Is there a way to run a macro or something else to programmatically change the field formats of a table? Either by making them the same as the original table or something altogether different.

    I am giving a presentation to a college computer class who is learning about Excel. Does anyone know where I can get a list of the built-in functions in Excel with a description of what the function does? I think the students would find it handy to have a list to look over even though they have online help.:biggrin: