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    Re: Copy Row To One Of Two Worksheets Based On Match Condition

    Here is a clunky way to do it using a macro.


    Sorry, I forgot you had 4 columns of data.

    Re: Adding 3 Months To Date In Column


    .Cells(line, 8).Value = "FORCE-MATCH CANDIDATE < $5K ICDP, " & Format(DateSerial(Year(.Cells(line, 17).Value),Month(.Cells(line, 17).Value)+3,Day(.Cells(line, 17).Value)),"m/d/yyyy")

    Re: Macro To Delete Entire Row Based On Specific Word In Cell With Multiple Words

    Based on a post by Bill Rockenbach, I think this will work

    I think you can use this to modify the macro in your other post where you want to highlight certain cells.

    Re: Macro To Highlight Cell With Specific Word And Then Repeat Itself For Entire Column

    Try this


    Re: Date Formats In Visual Basic

    I downloaded the WinRAR software and extracted the file. This worked for me

    With Obj1.ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSheet
            .Range(.Cells(2, 15), .Cells(2, 5).End(-4121).End(-4161).Offset(0, 2)).FormulaR1C1 = "=RC[-10]+RC[-9]"
            .Range(.Cells(2, 15), .Cells(2, 5).End(-4121).End(-4161).Offset(0, 2)).NumberFormat = "m/d/yyyy h:mm"  '*** This line was added ***
            .Range(.Cells(2, 16), .Cells(2, 15).End(-4121).Offset(0, 1)).FormulaR1C1 = "=RC[-7]"
            a = .Range(.Cells(2, 15), .Cells(2, 16).End(-4121))
        End With

    Re: Date Formats In Visual Basic

    Could you do something like

    .Cells(2, 2) = Obj1.ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Cells(2, 1) & "_" & Obj1.ActiveWorkbook.ActiveSheet.Cells(2, 2) & "_" & Str1 
    .Cells(2,2).NumberFormat = "m/d/yyyy h:mm"
    Str2 = .Cells(2, 2)


    Re: Transformin And Pasting

    Try this macro

    [hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post;[dl]*[/dl]I have added a button to run the macro as well as the ability to loop through all the sheets in the workbook and paste the results into their own line on the "Paste_In" sheet. As far as starting at a different place on each "Paste_From" sheet, the macro will start 1 row down from the last row that has something in Column A. So if you want to start at row 12 on a particular sheet, then just type something in cell A11 and make sure that all cells in column A below row 11 are blank.
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    Re: Copy PDF Files Matching List Into Different Folder

    I got this to work for me

    Re: Hide Rows Across All Sheets Where Row Sums To Zero

    How about capturing the starting sheet's name at the beginning of the code and then using that at the end to return to the starting sheet? Something like