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    You need some kind of database to record stock movements in and out. Then a master sheet that shows available stocks.

    Your example actually only has the master sheet. This is an example of what I mean

    Thanks for your reply Roy, let me clarify that you can consider stock-at-hand/available stock is looked up from a different report. So here I just need help in vba that handles Shippable and Stock leftover.

    Disclaimer: I admit this is cross-posting, as I had first posted this on Excelforms and I did not get the solution that I am looking for.

    Hi All,

    Please refer to the below snapshot. I want your help to be able to allocate available stock as shippable and alongside it running Stock leftover until it gets exhausted.

    So in here I have some dummy order numbers and 3 material in stock and based on the ordered quantity I want to allocate available stock until it becomes zero.

    I tried using nested-if, but since my actual data is too big and some of the cases where for some of the materials the rows are more than 30, I found it difficult to arrive at a formula that suffices my above requirement of allocating shippable and showing stock leftover, if any.

    Thanks for your help in advance.