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    Re: Display Popup Box When User Picks Item From List

    Thats amazing thanks for the quick response!

    Go Reds![hr]*[/hr] Auto Merged Post;[dl]*[/dl]Its working great except for two problems.

    1. How do I apply this code to a range of cells, with validation lists, from B4:B12. All of the lists have the same selections

    2. I currently have an option to double click on the validation list to pop up a combo box. If I use that option to choose the items in the lsit then the popup message box does not show. Any suggestions on how to fix that?

    I have a group of validation list boxes, all with the same choices, that when a user selects a certain item from them I want a popup box with extra info in it to appear.

    Is this possible?

    Is it possible for the user to click on the popup box once to make it disappear again?

    I'm creating a sheet that takes three Validation Lists into account. The first two lists are based on named regions. The third list uses the first two lists to narrow a search down so that the user can pick what they want from a smaller selection. I'm using the code from to allow the user to double click the validation list to pop up a Combo Box. This allows me to show more than 8 selections at a time and also gives a little freedom on font and font size.

    Since the third list is not based on a named region but rather code to compare the two previous lists, when I double click the third validation list a blank combo box pops up.

    Can someone help me write some code to make it possible to pop up what ever lists are in the validation boxes.

    This is the code that I have in the third validation box which States "The Source Currently evaluates to an error" but works fine for some reason.

    =OFFSET(CategoryStart, MATCH(B4, CategoryColumn, 0) - 1, IF(A4 = "Description", 2, IF(A4 = "ExtDescription", 3, IF(A4 = "PartNumber",4))), COUNTIF(CategoryColumn,B4), 1)


    FYI. I tried making a named region that was based on the code, so that the list could change as the user selected different options from the first two lists. This gave me the same problems as I had before.