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    Dear Friends,

    I have a query regards to deleting a blank word document in folder and subfolder using macros. Can any one help me in below scenario:

    I have many word files in folder and subfolders, in some files there is a data, but some files are totally blank.
    Now I want to delete all the files in folder and subfolders, its in huge number.

    So can you please help in this case.

    Harindra Devadiga


    I have a some issue with the User Form which i created.


    1) When i search with any content, it display in Text Box 1 and when i click on it, its shows me in respected Text Box (for Eg. First Name in txtfn like this) but the problem is arise when i change any thing and click on Replace Button its give me a error.

    Plz Extract the Zip file

    Plz can one help me out in this.

    Waiting for reply,



    I find some difficulty doing this thing, can anyone help me out in it.

    For Data Range i given name is ("DataRange") & For Sheet its ("Dec07")

    Data Entry Fields:

    1) First Name (txtfn)

    2) Last Name (txtln)

    3) Address (txtadd)

    4) Dateof birth (txtdob)

    5) Date of Joining (txtdoj)

    6) Status Combo Box (cbostat)


    When i type a search content in Search Text Box & when i hit to Search Button it give me some error, actually i want that searched data should display in List Box1 in excel format (Column Wise)


    Can you help out in this Userform which having a Add, Search, Display, Update & Delete Button, but i dont know how to code it.

    It should look like this:

    1) Submit button is working, when you press submit button date store in Excel sheet.

    2) When you Search by First Name or Date of Birth it should show the data in row wise in Textbox 1, and when you click on Textbox 1 data, you can see all the data in respective text box field (for Eg. When you press Data on Textbox 1. First Name should show in First Name Text Box, Last Name should show in Last Name Text Box, Date of Birth in Date of birth text Box, like this way)

    3) And it should be replacing from First Name Text Box, Last Name Text Box, Dob text Box, date of joing Text Box, after editing it as per requirment it should be save.

    4) If you want to delete a data click on data in Text Box 1 and press delete.

    Plz Help me out to complete all function in this Userform.

    Waiting for reply.