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    ive just used the trim function, i then tried to copy the trimmed column and paste it into a new column on a new page, and got #REF i cant seem to get it to display the text, pls help

    Just to say thanks to ROYUK.

    i managed to do what i wanted, on the systransoft site, it was for a assignment for my son, who hates french, i know its cheating but he can't get to grips with the subject, it made it so easy.

    to anyone else who is wanting to translate text, there are loads of languages on the site to convert to, you can enter upto 150 words, it will then translate immediately.

    again thanks for your help

    Thank you for your replies, i will look into grahams point, if i fail there i will look for the software, either way i will let you know how i get on...again thanks:guitar:

    Is it possible to convert the text in a story ive written in word, from english to french?

    or is there any software that can do this?

    i dont know what VBA is, but i copy from excel to text then from text to word, then i select 2 columns giving me equivalent to 2 pages of excel to 1 page in word.

    i also understand that my point may mean nothing :)

    but i just wanted to reply to something :bsmile:

    It's me again:D

    i now have a database of 15000 songs, in column A i have the artist, in B the titles, what im wanting to do is remove duplicates, can this be done without me having to physicaly scroll down and checking?

    just to let you know, i sorted my problem, i had to copy about 50 entries first, then the rest went in ok.

    thanks again to all that helped on this subject.

    goes to show what a brill forum this is

    Paul (Bruno):tongue:

    no it says the copy and paste area are not the same size, than says click a single cell, then paste, but does not work, or select a rectangle thats the same size, not sure how to do that one.

    come on denis, i thought you would have sorted this by now lol

    i have a data base of 4000 songs all in column A.

    animals - house of the rising sun

    what i want to do is replace the hyphens for a column.

    can this be done, please help:D if it can please explain it in simple terms:eureka:

    i apologise for sounding so stupid, but im still strugling to convert all the cells in one go ie a1:a7989 which is in lower case to b1:b7989 in uppercase.

    and ive just realised its office xp i have