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    Re: Dates Matches Then Send Email

    I have a similiar issue.
    Whilst im not entirely sure on the VBA version of the pseudocode I have a general idea of what needs to go on and its just a matter of going about translating it!

    Unfortunately I have never really worked closely with VBA and am not sure about the syntax. If any one could help out i'm sure both our issues would be solved.

    Hi there.
    Hope my thread title was ok!
    I have a worksheet with a list of date's on which different jobs are to be completed.
    These dates are in a column and they are each meant for different users.
    These users have their e-mail addresses stored in another cell on the same row as their relevant date of completion is.
    I need a macro that will run continuously (will have this file open on a server) and consistently (once a day) check the system date against the dates in the column E and if the dates match then send an e-mail to the email address in the respective cell of column L.
    I have looked everywhere and found similiar cases but none quite the same.

    I have attatched a screenshot of the relevant columns.
    Any help would be much appreciated :)