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    Not sure if it's just how I have my browser set up.

    But ... when you log in and you see that you have x number of threads with unread posts, is there anyway or is it possible to instead of just making the thread title "BOLD" that it's also a different color? I think it would help set apart the thread where you have unread items.

    In this post the OP posted a "TABLE" I'm seeing the tags not a table. How about you.

    Pretty sure that it's something with my browser.

    Google Chrome is up to date

    Version 78.0.3904.108 (Official Build) (64-bit)

    That's what I had done.... Copied it to a module page and then copied / pasted back to the browser ...

    Not sure maybe I did something wrong .... But 2nd time was the charm it kept the indenting.

    Got it to work. It was me.

    Deleted the old code and code box from the existing post.
    Click for new Code Tags and pasted formatted text back in. New formatting pasted in.

    How about now ... Making the CodeBox have single spaced lines instead of 1.5 spaced lines?

    Might need to check out your solution. I've been making one of my own. It doesn't generate NEW puzzles I just use mine to help me solve ones I can't figure out on my own ..... I do keep alot of puzzles on hand so that I can figure out new solution techniques and try to program them.

    I just was going to edit a members post ( the code portion specifically ) and copied his code out to a workbook and fixed the code to be ... IMO more readable.

    However, as soon as I hit paste all leading " " were gone hence no indentation. Is there a setting that needs to be set so that "LEADING" indention spacing is retained on pasting into the forum?

    Not sure that I'd want to manually paste spaces on each line of supplied code. Nor read any code that is not indented for ease of reading.

    Check the changes below. I'm sure it will work. Not pretty... Not elegant... Should be functional.

    What is not happening?
    Also ... it's great that it looks as if you've recorded a macro and are now attempting to edit it and polish it. My first piece of advice is this.... You almost never have to work with the "ACTIVE" object using the active object typically requires alot of work for the cpu ....

    But on just perusing the code I'm not seeing a reason why anything shouldn't work at full speed.

    Attach a sample!

    Best you're going to be able to do, I believe. Is to create your own userform so that you can display it then have an application.ontime routine that you can close and identified form.

    I have something very similar in all of my projects. Many of my projects require that they run to process external data, however, when I need to work in them I need to be able to stop this auto update ability. So I made a userform that displays on open and will time out in 30s and begin the auto update.

    It also has a button that allows me to actively cancel the auto update. I'll attach the modules ... you should just be able to import them ... read them ..... modify at

    ... in having gone through the posts. To be honest I'm really not sure that there is a "VBA" based programming job anywhere. It really isn't a programming language, though it's based on one. It's a scripting language. You want to get a job programming then you need to do the other languages you mentioned., python, java, javascript, html, etc etc etc.

    Not that knowing VBA won't make you useful. It just depends on the employer and what he/she is doing. I worked for a semiconductor manufacturer for nearly 2 decades and of that the last 9 years were programming excel. Now I'm self taught on my programming I had 2 semesters in college, fortran and a rudimentary C++, class. Neither helped me with VBA except..... how to ask questions and get answers.

    Now toward the end one of my boss' also did side work as a CPA and he would bring up now and then that I could do side work making spreadsheet accounting apps for small mom/pop customers and him to help him with his duties. I was eventually laid off and .... having no tech degree just an AS in Pre-Engineering can't seem to get an IT job to save my soul, maybe I'm just an old fart. I can program vba, have done, can use postgre, mysql, sql server, access. Have passing knowledge of java and javascript. Looking now at installing python to play around with. Can you make a living with VBA yeah ... but you're not gonna find a job asking for it. Get a job.... and even in this day and age the avg user only uses 5%, imo, of excel's capability. To me I always sold the "productivity enhancement" of what I did. Make 1 app that many people can use to make smarter faster decisions.

    Good luck!

    Ok .... I've added two *.bas ( module files )

    Import them ..... remove stuff that doesn't compile for you ( to be quick I had to export code from working projects ) so there are function calls to other routines that I've not included.

    you will probably need to rename the files to *.bas as you can not upload *.bas file extensions. I'll check back later.