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    how to i set my code to delete a row once the critera is met

    machineName = Worksheets("Log-Import").Cells(logrow, MachCol).Value

    If machineName = "LSPR99-0403-01" Then
    MsgBox "error find, now get rid of it"


    that is what i have for code and right below the msgbox i want it to delete the row that the cell is found in thanks for the help

    wow man u are the best but there a still just a few thnks that need to be tweeked one is
    If LogCol = "logoff" Then
    i get a type mis match with that and how should i call it in the main program, i am calling it like this now

    'Determine the next available user row
    userrow = UserRowFinder(username)
    'Enter the value of this user row to the appropriate user's sheet
    Worksheets(username).Cells(userrow, UserDayCol).Value = Worksheets("Log-Import").Cells(logrow, DayCol).Value
    Worksheets(username).Cells(userrow, UserDateCol).Value = Worksheets("Log-Import").Cells(logrow, DateCol).Value
    Worksheets(username).Cells(userrow, UserLogonCol).Value = Worksheets("Log-Import").Cells(logrow, TimeCol).Value
    'Call a logoff function here

    Findlogoff (totalitems)

    your imput is great thanks for all your help so far

    i keep getting this error when i am tring to call this function

    Function totalitems(totalitems)
    UserRowCounter = UserStartRow
    While Worksheets("Log-Import").Cells(UserRowCounter, UserStartCol) <> ""
    UserRowCounter = UserRowCounter + 1
    totalitems = UserRowCounter
    End Function

    'function to be the do all end all find logoff for each coresponding logon.

    Function Findlogoff(totalitems)
    itemcount = 0
    totalitems (totalitems)
    For counter = 1 To totalitems
    If LogCol = "logoff" Then
    If UsernameCol = username Then
    If DayCol = UserDayCol Then
    Worksheet(username).Cells(userrow, UserLogoffCol).Value = Worksheets("log-import").Cells(logrow, LogCol).Value
    itemcount = itemcount + 1
    End If
    End If
    End If

    Next counter
    If itemcount = 0 Then
    MsgBox "there were no logoffs found for & username & on that day. would you like to continue."
    End If

    End Function

    'Call a logoff function here

    Findlogoff (totalitems)

    please help this is the last thing i need i promise

    While Worksheets("Log-Import").Cells(counter, LogCol).Value And Worksheets("Log-Import").Cells(counter, UsernameCol).Value And Worksheets("Log-Imports").Cells(counter, DayCol).Value <> "Logoff" And username And Cells(counter, DayCol).Value

    i cant find the type mismatch please help

    ok i have almost got it, i have taking all your advice and now i just need to know how to find the logoff that coresponds to the log on that i pull out, here is my code i have come a long way from this morning all i need is this please help

    '1/28/2004 started creating the file

    Const LogCol = 1
    Const LogStartRow = 1
    Const UsernameCol = 2
    Const MachCol = 3
    Const DayCol = 4
    Const DateCol = 5
    Const TimeCol = 6
    Const MainStartRow = 1
    Const UserStartRow = 10
    Const UserStartCol = 2
    Const UserDayCol = 2
    Const UserDateCol = 3
    Const UserLogonCol = 4
    Const UserLogoffCol = 5
    Const UserMachCol = 6

    'Function to determine the row for a particular user

    Function UserRowFinder(Username)
    UserRowCounter = UserStartRow
    While Worksheets(Username).Cells(UserRowCounter, UserStartCol) <> ""
    UserRowCounter = UserRowCounter + 1
    UserRowFinder = UserRowCounter
    End Function

    'Function to find the coresponding logoff for the logon

    Function LogoffFinder(Logoff)
    Logrow = LogStartRow
    While Worksheets("Log-Import").Cells(Logrow, LogCol).Value <> ""

    'enter code to find the logoff for the logons that have been found below

    End Function

    'This is the main SORTING Dog used to sort the log file into separate sheets by users
    Private Sub btnSort_Click()
    Logrow = LogStartRow
    While Worksheets("Log-Import").Cells(Logrow, LogCol).Value <> ""
    'Determine the username of the current row
    Username = Worksheets("Log-Import").Cells(Logrow, UsernameCol).Value

    'Determine the next available user row
    userrow = UserRowFinder(Username)
    'Enter the value of this user row to the appropriate user's sheet
    Worksheets(Username).Cells(userrow, UserDayCol).Value = Worksheets("Log-Import").Cells(Logrow, DayCol).Value
    Worksheets(Username).Cells(userrow, UserDateCol).Value = Worksheets("Log-Import").Cells(Logrow, DateCol).Value
    Worksheets(Username).Cells(userrow, UserLogonCol).Value = Worksheets("Log-Import").Cells(Logrow, TimeCol).Value

    'Call a function to find logoff and place appropriately.

    Worksheets(Username).Cells(userrow, UserMachCol).Value = Worksheets("Log-Import").Cells(Logrow, MachCol).Value

    MsgBox "Username: " & Username & " LogRow: " & Logrow & " Userrow: " & userrow & "DayCol: " & DayCol
    Logrow = Logrow + 1
    ' Wend

    End Sub

    ok this is my problem,
    I have a list that i have an inital sort to move them to there pages in excel by the user name. The sort looks like this

    Logon cbourassa YORK TUE 9:00 a.m.
    Logoff cbourassa YORK TUE 5:00 p.m.
    Logon cbourassa YORK WED time
    Logon cbourassa PARIS WED time
    Logoff cbourassa PARIS WED time
    Logoff cbourassa YORK wed time

    and i have a list of about 10 entries, now what i want to do is sort threw the list take all the mondays and put them to gether and then all the tuesdays and so on and so forth so it sort of looks like this

    Logon Logoff MachineName Hours
    Mon 9:00a.m 5:00p.m YORK 8
    TUE 8:00a.m 4:00p.m YORK 8

    now the only problem i will run into is that sometimes there are multiple logon/logoff for on day becuase i will be on 2 machines, so i need some error checking to make sure that logon and log off match. Then once the days of the week are done i need it to total the hours row and then it will be done. I kno this is alot but if you could help with just a section or all of it, it would be greatly appreicated. THanks

    ok i want to sort files to different pages, this is how it is set up

    Logon cbourassa YORK tue date/time
    Logoff cbourassa YORK tue date/time
    Logon cbourassa YORK wed date/time
    Logoff cbourassa YORK wed date/time
    Logon eleighton BangKOK tue date/time
    Logoff eleighton BangKOK tue date/time
    Logon eleighton BangKOK wed date/time
    Logoff eleighton BangKOK wed date/time

    how would i sort them by user name (column b) to there own seprate page

    ok i have gotten the file to import but there is a problem that when it is import from a txt file to the excel sheet it is all in column A, and since it is all in column A i can use the sort to pull out all the bouassa and move them to the next row so everyone is all in there own row, hope that helps if you decide to help me

    Ok i am back again and i need help just one more time. This project i need to beable to set a macro to a visual basic buttion in the excel sheet to promt an open file, then with the open file that is selected i want it to be imported to the excel sheet. Once in the sheet i then want to sort the files by each user name. If you have any ideas please post the code so i can be pointed in the right dircetion thanks for all your help in advance, not to say i am on a time frame but i got till 5: p.m est to get this done. So please help me if you can:(

    i am tring to creat a macro that when i log in it will track the time that i am loged in and once i log out it will display the time i was loged into the excel feild. I am hoping to use this as an effective punch clock for my work please help if you can or just point me in the write dircetion. Thanks for your help