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    Hi Guys

    I have an Excel sheet with a column of numbers, the cost of my items. example rows A1 to A400 have the value of my stock in them, I would like to add the numbers together, and come out with a total value of my stock.

    Also I have column B1 to B400 and I have to add HIR to the contents inside all 400, with out any spaces in between example, B1 is 0441, B2 is 0442, B3 is 0443, I need B1 to be HIR0441, B2 to be HIR0442, and so on.

    You guys have been great in the past, and have saved me days of screwing around !

    Many Thanks
    Big Worm

    Hi Andy

    Your right I was not clear, It is a Column of 700 prices, C1 to C 700 the prices vary from cell to cell, I need to convert each price by 1.8 times, and come up with a new Column of converted prices.

    Thanks for you help Bud.


    Ps still trying.

    Hi guys

    I been looking around the web for days for an answer,

    I have an excel file of about 700 products, discriptions, and cost.

    The problem is row C the cost is in Pounds, and I need to convert the whole row to US $

    So I need to multiply the entire row by 1.8

    Is there a way of not having to enter a formula for the row ane cell at a time,

    example C1 to C700 x 1.8 to D1 to D700.

    Hope you guys understad what i need,
    any help will be great

    Thanks a Steve