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    Re: Create List From Checkboxes

    Thank you - BUT - how do I then make the list without spaces for the values that are true.

    Worksheet 1 - Survey
    A1: Do you need cars (check if yes) |checkbox| CHECKED
    A2: Do you need books (check if yes) |checkbox| NOT CHECKED
    A3: Do you need Gum (check if yes) |checkbox| CHECKED

    Worksheet 2 - Things I need
    A1: Cars
    A2: Gum

    Worksheet 3 - Things I dont need
    A1: Books



    I would like to create a qestionairre with checkboxes used to answer the question "Do you need____" (Check if yes). On the following workbook I would like a list of all items needed, and a list of items not needed on yet another workbook.

    Question:Is there a way to create these lists without having blanks for values that are not true? (and because Im sure there is HOW?)

    Thank you, I hope I have made my question clear.